Durth Prime

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Type: Arctic world
System: Durth

Frigid, rocky world with a class H atmosphere. The poles are big, and significant water deposits can be found permanently frozen as glacial ice. However, the planet experiences seasonal variations and the equatorial band is covered by vegetation.


Durth II was first surveyed by the science vessel IHSF Alingsas, under orders of the IHCB.

Later, the Durth II Mining Station was constructed in orbit by IHSF Alsike - the second inhabited outpost in the system.

First IHC colony

Later still, the colony ship IHSF New Unity touched down on the snowy fields of the world in 3,XXX, marking the foundation of the first new colony of the Independent Hypersentience Collective. The landing site was in a deep valley near the equator, nestled within a large mountain chain, well-protected from the elements.

The ship was permanently converted into the administrative headquarters of the new settlement, and its reactor core was removed so that it could serve as the colony's temporary power source.

Hundreds of small tents and prefab shelters sprung up around the former starship's massive hull as colonists began to disembark in large numbers.

Under the Hemmoian Federation