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Editing Rules

To avoid errors in the future it is best for anyone NOT to edit articles they have NOT been part in. For example I should not edit any Hemmoian related articles, Dalleer shouldn't edit any Folan related articles and Shok shouldn't edit any Texian related articles. If you wish to edit these articles be sure to ask the creator first, technical edits are totally different thing though, but any content related stuff shouldn't be edited, added or removed without permission, this way there shouldn't be any mistakes and old/wrong information.

--Mad Gigerdi 2 16:08, 5 Sep 2009 (EEST)

New Site Launched

The Peace Station Archive is now online at

- Shok 43 01:50, 27 Nov 2007 (EET)

Back From The Dead, Again

As you may have noticed, we unexpectedly suffered another catastrophic, mysterious hardware failure on the "Sodomizer", the ill fated server machine dedicated to hosting the PSE. Fortunately, no data loss occurred; the hard drive, this time around, remained intact. In the following weeks a new motherboard and processor were purchased, after which it was found out the problem was with the power supply all along. Oh well! In any case, the PSE is finally up and running again.

- Shok 43 02:04, 5 Nov 2006 (EET)

News archives

For older news, see Peace_Station_Encyclopedia:Newsarchive.