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The Hemmoian Collective Newsfeed was founded by order of the Great Hemmoian Council to inform other life forms of major galactic events they might otherwise be unaware of and ensure the distribution of all relevant knowledge throughout the Collective Network.

Official HCNF statement on the human Internet

The last Galaxy-wide survey made by the Council and its Intelligence Offices showed that the vast majority of members of the 3rd Generation species, despite their access to subspace transceivers, were often left in the dark concerning matters that took place outside the borders of their solar systems, and thus knew very little of the Galaxy around them.

As history has shown, lack of knowledge and absence of understanding can be fatal in this hostile universe. So, in the spirit of the progressive collective-based form of life of the Hemmoian Federation, it is the purpose of this newsfeed, through education and information, to let the organisms of our Galaxy know each other better and thus help them work together for a greater goal.

Today, the Newsfeed is available in 870 000 languages and over 6 400 000 star systems, and is one of the major news providers not only in the Hemmoian Federation, but in the Milky Way. Of your languages, the HCNF is currently broadcasting only in Commonwealth Standard English, but rest assured that our dedicated xenolinguists are working around the clock to implement other major Earth languages for your convenience.

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