Particle Disruptors

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The Hemmoian-designed particle disruptor cannons fire a beam of energy through a collector lens at a target. The beams attack particles on a sub-atomic level with a wave-motion inducer mechanism, instantly increasing their velocity to the speed of light for a nanosecond. This forces the particles to separate from each other, thus disintegrating the target, leaving only a cloud of thin gaseous matter behind. Particle disruptor beams can penetrate most energy shields easily, but have more trouble with AM shields.

Mk.0 Particle Annihilators

The early prototype version of the Particule Disruptor system. See Particle Annihilator.

Mk.1 Particle Disruptors

Also known as the Light Particle Disruptor (LPD).

Mk.2 Particle Disruptors

Also known as the Medium Particle Disruptor (MPD).

Mk.3 Particle Disruptors

Also known as the Heavy Particle Disruptor (HPD).

Mk.4 Particle Disruptors

Generation Four Particle Disruptors include the ability to fire in "Dispersed Mode", which generates a wide arc of Particle Disruptor fire capable of clearing out wide area of space at once.

Mk.5 Particle Disruptors

New Generation Five Particle Disruptors, or Multiplex Particle Disruptors, consist of a single collector lens with the firing mechanism constructed inside it instead of a complete rotating cannon unit with a gun barrel. This design allows a single particle disruptor unit to target and fire at multiple targets at the same time.

Infantry versions