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The whole evolutionary cycle of the Mechanoid species has always been a bit of riddle for the intergalactic community. Many scientists have believed, that the Mechanoids couldn't have possibly been able to evolve through natural evolution to the species they are now, instead many believe that the first Mechanoids were built by a currently unknown race.

The intergalactic science community has dubbed the potential creators of the Mechanoids as the Builders: however the Mechanoids themselves haven't commented anything on these theories. It is quite possible that the Mechanoid hive mind, the Hyper Brain, has extensive information on the origin of the Mechanoids, but is unwilling to let it spread to the outside world.

Similar theories surround the origins of the Trentads; some have postulated they are an earlier, less advanced experiment of the same entity that constructed the Mechanoids. No conclusive relation between the two species has been established by proponents of the theory, however, and it is considered unlikely by the Galactic scientific community.