Operation Eye Of The Storm

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Operation Eye Of The Storm was the codename for the Gigerdi alliance military's operation to destroy the Interplanetary alliance's homeworld during the final days of the Beta Quadrant Conflict (GA-IPA war).

The man who concieved the whole plan was the Gigerdian Grand Admiral Erwin Lerev. According to his strategies the whole support structure of the IPA would fall apart if the "head" (the IPA homeworld of Inster) could somehow be cut off from the rest of the "body" (the various states supporting the IPA).

Since a direct attack was far too costly for the GA , a covert operation to destroy Inster was planned. Grand Admiral Lerev learned of a weapon of mass destruction under construction in a secret GA military R&D division laboratory disguised as an orbiting stellar cartography station. The admiral requested the Section 18 to send its agents to retrieve the weapon known as the Plasma Storm Generator from the station and bring it to his personal flagship ,GAS Crimson Reaper.

The Section 18 informed Lerev, that if he so requested, "additional resources" in the form of stealth ships could be diverted to his command for the duration of the operation; once he learned of the "top secret resources" and of their true nature he accepted the offer. Three Rubek's cube class Medium Commando Cruisers were placed under his command and the Plasma Storm Generator was placed inside one of them.

The operation called for the three ships to jump into Inster while cloaked and move the ship carrying the Plasma Storm Generator into the planet's atmosphere. Once there , the ship would decloak and active the generator in order for the storm to start. However the plan failed horribly when one of the ships decloaked too early and the generator failed to activate itself. The remaining stealth ships quickly escaped from the system, thus proving that Inster had been defended far better than the intelligence sources had previously anticipated.

After the operation had failed, the GA was more or less forced to sign a peace treaty under the flag of the Inter-Stellar Alliance with the Interplanetary Alliance's diplomatic representitives. This marked the end of the war.