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Insignia of the Interplanetary Alliance
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The Interplanetary Alliance (IPA) is a league of independent worlds from around the Galaxy.


The Beginning of the Creation

The IPA's formation happened during the Rubek crisis. As many of the outer rim and border colonies were unsatisfied of how they were being treated. Nothing really happened then except that many of the colonists grew uneasy towards the Gigerdi Alliance and some even felt they were no longer a part of it. Rubek was then soon removed from power and the colonists thought that things would become much better now, but nothing changed and unrest rose even more. The final blow happened during the Lightness War.

The Creation

During the Lightness War all the protecting ships that had been assigned to the outer rim colonies and border colonies were dispatched elsewhere leaveing the systems totally undefended. Some of the protecting ships refused to leave and some returned later against orders. Nothing was done to those ships as there was no resources available. Same time the same thing occurred within the borders of the United Commonwealth of Planets. The UCP and GA colonies then engaged in discussions in forming their own alliance against the Lightness and in the future against their former owners. Both sides agreed and the first version of the Interplanetary Alliance was formed. The alliance survived through the war, but the problems only began after it.

The Conflict

The UCP acknowledged the independence of the IPA. The GA, however, thought otherwise. As Unnamed Gigerdian became the president of the newly formed IPA the hostilities arose. The GA demanded the IPA to return all military equipment, but the IPA refused and the conflict begun. First ones and Folans sided with the IPA and Bacterians and the Hemmoians sided with the GA. The conflict lasted only a few months until a peace treaty was signed. This meant that the President Unnamed Gigerdian had to resign his commission.

The Emissary Threat And New Frontiers

The IPA constructs two new state-of-the-art cruisers with first one weaponry. The IPA then learns that a previously unknown species, the Emissaries, are planning to attack both Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain. The Emissaries have already persuaded the DHR to make a diversionary attack on Aldaain, and so the Emissaries helped by the Daglians attack Aldaain. Aldaain's surface is badly damaged, but the Hfed forces manage to destroy the attackers. Some sort of the plague was released to Aldaain and then spread throughout the Hemmoian collective. Another invasion fleet is heading for the Gigerdi Prime and all nearby GA forces are quickly scrambled to defend G-prime. UCP also mobilizes its fleets and sends them to GP. After a terrific battle, they emerge victorious. It all comes with a price, The Emissaries destroying a full Continent from G-prime and releasing a deadly virus to the galaxy. IPA sends the I.P.A.S. Valiant along with the G.A.S. Exploreison to search for the cure in the Andromeda and nearby galaxies. Five years they have time to find it, but will they find it in time to save the galaxy and the first ones? Only time will tell...


The IPA is a representative multi-ethnic federation of worlds, regulated by the Central Council. This council has representatives from every member system and gathers to decide on major issues. The member states maintain a high level of political autonomity, and the Central Council rarely interferes with the members' interior policy.

Sessions of the Central Council are lead by the President, who until recently was considered the highest authority in IPA foreign policy. After the disastrous Beta Quadrant Conflict in which the IPA President played a key role, the authority of the President was severely reduced. Today,the President is little more than a representative for the IPA during certain state visits.

The Central Council has a Research Division consisting of five leading scientists who control IPA scientific projects such as ship designs. All minor research developments are decided upon by these five scientists as well as several other researchers.

Judicial Branch

Supreme Court (Its nine justices are appointed for life by the president with confirmation by the Central Council); Interplanetary Alliance Courts of Appeal; Interplanetary Alliance District Courts; State and County Courts.

Population statistics

Population: 13 000 000 billion (estimate)
Population Growth Rate: 0.9 %
Life Expectancy at Birth: 290 years
Birth Rate: 2 800 200 / 100 000 000
Death Rate: 1 900 300 / 100 000 000

Labor Force: 10 000 000 billion

Ethnic Factions

Languages: Human Standard English - 95%, other - 5%

Territory claims

Control World: Inster

Territories: Several million colonies in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants. Primary concentration of territories in Beta.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations


Official Name: The Interplanetary Alliance Military.

Headquarters: The GA military HQ/Academy, Inster. Several other major bases located in some of the other colonies. Specifics are currently unknown.

Commander of Forces: The central council leads the military as well. The council has five admirals as representatives from the military.

Forces: Enlisted troops 600 million, Colonial militia 130 million, various other militias 90 million.

Service Branches: The Interplanetary Fleet (IPF) and the Interplanetary Ground Forces (IPGF).

The fleet controls all the ships and most of the military. No generals are in the central council. There's no specific colonial defense forces, but the military centrally controls all the ships and assigns the planet protectors when needed.

Ground forces, like in all the other races, consists of clone troopers.


The research in the IPA is controlled by the central council. Five leading scientists represant the research division in the council. All the minor research developments are decided in house by these five scientists as well as several other researchers. They are in charge of ship designs as well and were the ones to design and even manufacture the new cruisers used against the Emissaries.

The HQ is located on the planet Inster like all the major facilities.

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