United Commonwealth of Planets

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United Commonwealth of Planets
Anthem: "Unity"
Administrative world(s)Lihter, Earth, Miue, Foaveq, 101110101101, Hek'Li'E'O and H-FO/A.
Largest colony Foaveq
Administrative center(s)M'Inol, Paris, Jopiro, Karjar, 111011111010, Ceif'De and R-AL=A
Largest city Karjar
Official language(s) Commonwealth standard language, Lihter, Kleke, Beep², J'Le'O, J-P>F, 01101011 01101001 01100101 01101100 01101001
Recognised regional languages Gigerdian, Various dialects
Ethnic groups  B² - 15.12%
V'As'Ta'R - 11.9%
Humans - 10.3%
Lihters - 9.9%
Q<RE-Ô - 8.3%
Opiros - 8.0%
1110110110101111 - 6,9%
Gigerdians - 5.0%
Other - 15.28%
Demonym Commonwealthers
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  President Klikor Jk5
 -  Prime Minister Mari Mandela
Legislature Commonwealth Council
 -  Treaty of Unity 18 April 3342 
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 
Currency UCP standard currency
Time zone UCP standard time

The United Commonwealth of Planets is a commonwealth of around 65 member states in the Milky Way Galaxy, mostly centered around the Orion spiral arm.


Creation of the United Commonwealth of Planets

Main article: History of the United Commonwealth of Planets

The Beginning of the Creation

After Lihters, Humans, Opiros, , 1110110110101111, V'As'Ta'R and Q<RE-Ô had established contact with each other an idea was born of a unified front. One that would stand together against whatever they may find out there. At first, the idea wasn't to make a "unified race" so to speak, but rather a sort of military alliance between the races, as well as sharing of technology. But the idea of a United Commonwealth came into being. Some of the races viewed it as a rather bad idea and something that would surely collapse after a decade or two. Lihters, Q<RE-Ô and 1110110110101111 were confident that it would work. They were able to first get Opiros, B²s and Humans in and soon after, the V'As'Ta'Rs as well. The United Commonwealth of Planets was born and the Commonwealth council was born. The council was placed on Earth, the President's office on Lihter and the unified military called Starfleet was born. At that time the Starfleet consisted of every member races' ships, but after the founding of Starfleet it begun building only its own ships with combined technology from all the member races. Later the member races' fleets were almost completely decommissioned. Some quarrels came inside the Commonwealth, but nothing big. Few new minor races soon joined and were granted full membership, although some of the first member races did have a lot lesser power, even in their own affairs.

The First Contacts

The first contact with a major starpower came with the Gigerdians. And from day one the Humans were the ones dealing the most with the Gigerdians, maybe due to the fact that both species had a lot of in common, at least then and nowadays. Gigerdians also grew special relations especially with the Humans. Thus the relationships between the UCP and Gigerdi Federation were warm from the beginning and soon became even warmer. Non-aggression pact and trade treaty were almost instantly signed. Research treaty soon after that, and open border trade then next. A lot of trading and exchange of technology took place. Didn't take many years for the military alliance to be formed and soon after that a full alliance. This enabled citizens from both sides to enter the other's space freely. Thus a lot of people, especially Humans, departed from UCP space and headed to Gigerdi space. A lot of Gigerdians also headed from the Gigerdian space to UCP space, mostly to colonies that had the most amount of Humans. The UCP expanded and welcomed more new species in it. The next bigger first contact was with the Vemrers and through them with the Folans. Neither of them accepted any negotiation requests. Not long after the first contact both the Vemrers and the Folans begun their attacks against the UCP. Gigerdi Federation immediately came to assist the UCP. Because of that the attacking Vemrer and Folan fleets were quickly driven back. The war was short and soon a peace treaty was signed. Later connections were Hemmoians and Bacterians, mostly through Gigerdians.

Population statistics

Life Expectancy At Birth: 400 Earth years.

Ethnic Factions

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations


Government Type: Commonwealth.

The United Commonwealth of Planets is led by the Commonwealth council. It has representatives from every member race and from some of the larger systems as well(meaning that all the bigger members have much more representatives than the smaller ones). All the major affairs and some of the moderate affairs, depending on how much time is available, are dealt with in the council. Minor affairs that affect only a small area are then dealt with within that area. The representatives are elected every three years and most of the member races have two representatives. The founding members have three. Some of the larger systems have one.

President also exists in the Commonwealth, but mostly only as a symbol. The president might do some decisions if the decision has to be made very quickly, but if not then the president is merely used as a representative during state visits and even then council members more often do them.

Chief Of State: President Klikor Jk5 () (since XXXX) and Vice-President Lo'Papk'Rt'Qr (V'As'Ta'R) (since XXXX).

Judicial Branch: Supreme Court (Its nine justices are appointed for life by the president with confirmation by the UCP Council); United Commonwealth of Planets Courts of Appeal; United Commonwealth of Planets District Courts; State and County Courts.

Political Parties And Leaders: Only very small political parties exist that have no political power.


Main article: United Commonwealth of Planets Starfleet
Insignia of Starfleet

The Official Name: Starfleet.

Headquarters: Starfleet HQ, Miue. Starfleet Academy, Foaveq. Several other major bases located on 101110101101, Hek'Li'E'O, H-FO/A, Lihter, and Earth.

Commander Of Forces: Committee of Fleet Admirals. Currently has about 100 fleet admirals and 15 generals.

Forces Size: Enlisted troops 18 billion, Colonial militia 3,6 billion, various other militias 1,2 billion.

Service Branches: Starfleet (SF), Starfleet Ground Forces (SFGF) and Starfleet Colonial Defense Forces (CD-Forces).


Currently the UCP has about 47 members.

The largest members are:


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