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Former president of the Gigerdi Alliance, Orin Rubek turned the Alliance into a xenophobic, totalitarian dictatorship bent on dominating the Galaxy and the minds of the Alliance's citizens. With shady connections to the feared Lightness and the mysterious Section 18, Rubek seemed to be nearly unstoppable in his campaign of terror.

Early life

As a young government official Rubek served in various administrative duties in the Gigerdi Federation and rose steadily in rank. When the alliance was formed after the Timocracy War he ran for the unified Gigerdian Senate as a candidate from his home world of Tarogatan XII. As a senator he voiced strong support to GA military actions of various kinds. He was a member of the Gigerdian Republican party along with various shady memberships in the senate's "inner circles".

After the Gigerdian Bacterian War (Third Bacterian War) the Alliance's emperor, Mad Gigerdi Jr. decided to step away from his seat of power and a new emperor was needed. Since Mad Gigerdi Jr. did not have any children the son of the former emperor Kyle Gigerdi was installed as the emperor; Daniel Gigerdi became the emperor of the Gigerdi Alliance.

Rubek was promoted to the status of Prime Minister by Daniel Gigerdi's government since he had demonstrated considerable talent in his duties. It is unknown however, who exactly suggested Rubek as the Vice Emperor. Once he became the Vice Emperor he started to appoint carefully selected members of his own circle on positions of power and influence the selection of his men to the positions he could not officially appoint people to.

Daniel Gigerdi sensed the strange and hostile transitions of power in the GA and decided to voice his concern to the Gigerdian Senate by making a televised speech in the Senate itself. Rubek decided to eliminate Daniel Gigerdi at that specific moment and thus planted a bomb in the Senate before Daniel Gigerdi's speech. At the end of the speech the bomb was detonated in the chamber and in the ensuing chaos Rubek's security forces evacuated the building and sealed it from outsiders. Daniel Gigerdi was found from the rubble and transported to an unknown location. The bombing of the Gigerdian Senate Building is known as a great tragedy since several non-Gigerdian representatives were killed during it as well.

Rubek was sworn in as the Emperor Of The Alliance and he immediately blamed "Bacterian terrorist dissidents assisted by other starpowers" for the strike. One of the biggest political changes he made was to declare the traditional governmental system of monarchy to have reached its end, since no rightful heir to throne was available; thus Rubek became the first President of the Gigerdi Alliance.

Rubek stated that the GA was now under a great and destructive threat from alien starpowers that wished to undermine the GA's authority and destroy the new federal alliance. As a cure for the influence of these "alien starpowers" Rubek introduced the Section 18, a telepathic police force bent on catching terrorists at home and abroad.

The Rubek Era


As the Section 18 was formed it also changed the sociological position of a Gigerdian telepath by forcing him or her to join the organization unwillingly. Previously unknown agents of the Section 18 dressed in monotone black started to appear all across GA space.

Rubek also appointed the known pirate leader Kapu as the governor of the Bacterian territories. He declared the Kapu Empire an ally of the Gigerdi Alliance and gave Kapu free reign in the Bacterian territories. Thus he diverted the use of Gigerdian troop material to uphold the occupation of Bacterius.

Once the "additional foreign matters" had been taken care of, Rubek gave speeches to the entire GA via holovision stating that an invasion by the foreign starpowers was imminent. Agents of these starpowers had already managed to slip inside GA territory and persuade Gigerdians to assist them in their unholy quest; thus "anyone could be the enemy". Rubek silenced the domestic opposition by several different, and rather unpleasant ways.

One of the harshest operations Rubek pulled off in his campaign to bring the GA military under his command was the kidnapping of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Once the colonies started to voice opposition to Rubek's "imaginative war" he ordered Kapu's fleets to attack the smallest colonies that had been against him and blaming the attacks on "foreign separatists". He also injected loyalty drugs to Gigerdian captains who already had strong patriotic sentiments towards their race and the GA's position in the galactic politics. Many of these captains received the drugs unknowingly through "standard medical checks".

The situation shortly returned to an uncertain Status Quo in alliance space.

The Civil War

Once Nix Balmorra, leader of the Gigerdian underground group Resistance, learned of the fate of the GA, he decided to act. He rallied the small fleets of his Bacterian supporters along with a few GA ships and set out to recruit more forces for his cause against Rubek.

As the various colonial administrations learned of actual fighting between GA fleets many colonies broke out in full rebellion against Rubek and his fascist policies. Rubek attempted to suppress the uprisings through controlled blockades and further military action; it did not prove to be that effective since Nix's cause started to gain more and more support even from other starpowers.

Rubek was becoming desperate; he promoted the Section 18 as a military organization that could be used to control the population. Once the rebel fleets were advancing closer to Gigerdi Prime, Rubek decided to have his final confrontation with Nix on the orbit once he would arrive. If he could not win the battle, he would destroy the entire rebel force with a carefully placed System Killer device hidden in the planetary defense grid.

The end of President Rubek's reign of terror

Rubek isolated himself in his office and sealed off the entire section of the Presidential Gigerdi Dome. He waited in his office when Nix's multiracial fleet arrived to the system to place him under arrest.

The ensuing battle was short since the only vessels still loyal to Rubek were under the command of Kapu; the ensuing battle that ended the Gigerdian Civil War was closing to its end. As Rubek learned that the senate had assembled a large band of military officers along with special forces to place him under arrest, he ordered the activation of the planetary defense grid and once the senate's envoys reached his office he pulled the pin on a plasma grenade and killed himself on the spot.

Nix Balmorra's fleets saved Gigerdi Prime and Rubek took his own life during the battle. President Dalleer was sworn in as the new president of the alliance while the clean-up of Rubek's regime commenced.


During the years following the end of Rubek's presidency it was discovered that he had funded a whole lot of top secret weapons programs; one of the fruits of these projects were the Rubek's cube class Medium Commando Cruisers.

President Rubek is the only Gigerdian statesman who has not received a commemorative statue in the Garden of the Great Gigerdian Statesmen located in Gigerdi dome.

Although the repressive policies of the Alliance shifted markedly with the Dalleer administration, several key Rubek institutions were left in place, such as the office of the President itself, as well as Section 18, the telepathic police force.