Timocracy War

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During the pinnacle of their culture, the Timocracy had a formidable fighting force consisting of an able starfleet and ground troopers. During the Peace Station Era, they launched a conquest war into Gigerdian territories and secretly attempted to replace key figures within the Gigerdian society with changelings, a conflict that became known as the Timocracy War.

The war ultimately led to their demise as the members of the Peace Station Inter-Stellar Peace Treaty scrambled to protect the Gigerdians from the Timocracy aggression. The Timocracy forces were pushed back to their home territory, and Gigerdian forces soon occupied their key command worlds and facilities, disbanding their totalitarian rule and freeing the member states they controlled.

Their allies, the Parlien Geniocracy, were also devastated during this war. Not all of their allies perished, however. The Emissaries remained true to the cause of their hosts, and lived in the shadows for years before launching a terror campaign against the Inter-Stellar Alliance, comprised of the governments responsible for the destruction of the Timocracy.