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A three-dimensional form of holographic broadcast entertainment, holovision (also written as HoloVision, vision or simply HV) has replaced old-fashioned television broadcasting on most worlds.


While early holovision programming required the user to wear bulky headache-inducing goggles, modern applications are typically projected directly inside the user's eyeballs, removing the need for external eyewear. It does nothing for the headaches, though.

In addition to appearing in three dimensions and hyperdimensional surround sound, advanced high-definition holovision sets may additionally provide tactile and olfactory output, rock your chair back and forth with an awkward pneumatic mechanism and even occasionally call in some poor minimum wage technician to spray water and other liquids at you to simulate ocean environments.

Crafty End User Licenses typically absolve manufacturers of HV sets from all liabilities should a user injure themselves while enjoying a HoloVision show. The Pangalactic Union of Holovision Broadcasters assures all consumers that reports of nausea, epileptic seizures, blindness due to retinal charring or a blurred sense of reality are greatly exaggerated and anecdotal at best. Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show, I should really just relax."

Types of HV programming

There are various different genres among the vision, both acted by actual actors and computer-generated programs, with both being equally popular. They enjoy same genres as with literature meaning there are little or none fantasy, science fiction or paranormal shows.

There are shows that have been acted by real actors and filmed in advance, shows that have been computer generated in advance that you can watch or shows that you can participate in and changing the character reactions and story on how you participate in it. All being equally popular and thus there being a reason to become an actor.

Documentaries are also common, often focusing on other cultures or simply being historical documentaries or nature ones.


Holovision is a popular form of entertainment among the Folans. There are numerous on-going shows in the Folan holovision, some of these can be viewed withing the close proximity of the Folan border by outside races, but they're not transmitted significantly outside of Folan space.

The Folan shows also follow the same pattern as their literature, being very Folan-centric and being in a very perfect world. Recently there has become a minority of more "critical" shows that do not portray the Folan species as so perfect, although these types of shows are usually hated they have grown some popularity, especially among the outer colonies.

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