16 Cygni B b

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Ownership: UCP
System: 16 Cygni B
Type: Gas Giant
Location: Alpha Quadrant

Also known as 16 Cygni b.

Orbital parameters


Orbital Radius: 1,72 AU
Closest Distance to Star: 0,6 AU
Widest Distance to Star: 2,7 AU
Orbital Period: 2,2 years
Eccentricity: 0,69

No one knows how a planet could form at such an eccentric orbit. Current theories of planet formation predict a near circular orbit for planets, while stars usually form at highly eccentric orbits. The gravitational influence of 16 Cygni B's binary partner, 16 Cygni A, may have forced the young planet into its strange orbit.


Temperature: -90°C to +120°C

This bizarre world has extreme variations in temperature - in summer it receives 22 times as much light and warmth as in winter. Close to the star, 16 Cygni B b is light and warm, with plenty of white clouds. Moving farther outside, the planet darkens and becomes hazier.

The moons of 16 Cygni B b suffer most from this orbit. A planet sized moon endowed with water and volatile gases may be completely frozen in winter, gradually thaw in spring, only to see its oceans boil in summer. Higher forms of life would be impossible, but organisms combining the skills of heat-loving Pyrodictium with those of the snow-algae may thrive there.