Aanek R class heavy strike cruiser

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Space-Faring Capability: Yes
Atmospheric Flight Capability: Yes
Max. Crew: 100 crewmembers
Min. Crew: 1 crewmember
Shields: AM shielding system
Sub-Light Drive: 1 Subspace Distortion Engine
FTL Drive: 1 TransWarp Dimensional PropSys

A refit of the age-old Aanek class cruiser, designed by Supreme Fleet Admiral Heiluja to upgrade his old vessel IHSF Koskelo to serve as his personal command vessel during fleet action. Several other Aanek class cruisers were refitted by these specifications as well.


Weapon readout

1. Heavy Particle Disruptor

Anti-Capship Beam Weapon

2. "Planet Killer Beam"

Ultra Heavy Particle Disruptor

3. Point-Defence Installments

Light Particle Disruptor Beams

4. Torpedo Launch Bays

Plasma Torpedo Complement

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