Aikon class light cruiser

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Space-Faring Capability: Yes
Atmospheric Flight Capability: Yes
Max. Crew: 250 crewmembers
Min. Crew: 2 crewmembers
Weapons: 5 or 10 Light Particle Disruptors - 1 Medium Particle Disruptor
Shields: Standard Energy Shield (Mod C-571b - 56000 GHz)
Sub-Light Drive: 1 Muon Drive MKII
FTL Drive: 1 PlasmaBall Dimensional PropSys

An Aikon class cruiser is hit by heavy planetary defense grid fire.

One of the most common ships in the IHSF during the Peace Station Era. Aikon Mark Ones are not as widespread as Mark Twos or Mark Threes, but a notable amount of all IHSF ships are still Aikon MKIs. Aikon MKI was also the first ship type to use Particle Disruptors as primary weapons.

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