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The Independent Hypersentience Starfleet (IHSF) is the military space navy of the Hemmoian Federation. Founded under the Independent Hypersentiences as a small defensive fleet, the IHSF has gradually evolved into one of the most powerful, effective and technologically advanced starfleets in the Galaxy, rivalling even the massive Gigerdi Alliance Starfleet.


Early years

The IHSF was initially founded as a part of the three branches of the Independent Hypersentience Military, a largely defensive organization founded to protect the newly founded Independent Hypersentience government. Already outlined in the Documents of Foundation of 3,64, the IHSF was officially founded three years later in 3,67.

From the ground up, the IHSF was envisioned using starships of its own design. Although at the very beginning, for understandable reasons, the starfleet consisted of various UO designs, very soon the first IHSF starship classes were commissioned - the Constellation class light cruiser, and some time later, the First Class light cruiser. A number of starships were also ordered from the Ollapukkiti Commonwealth, especially modified Outrider class scouts.

Another design from this period is the robust Nanasban class, mainly used for fleet support and cargo transport.


When the Independent Hypersentiences became the Hemmoian Federation, large scale restructuring took place in all the three military branches. The IHSF was reformed not as much in command structure as it was in its purpose: initially a simple defensive fleet, the goal of the newly formed Great Council was now to develop it into a major fighting force on par with the United Orcs Starfleet and even more importantly, a match for the forces of the Gigerdi Alliance and the Bacterian Empire.

To this end, a number of new, more heavily armed and combat oriented warship designs were commissioned, including the Aanek class medium cruiser and the staple Aikon class light cruiser which would develop into the backbone of the IHSF.

Second Bacterian War

The Second Bacterian War was the first time in the history of the IHSF it was forced into a full-scale war. The brutal Battle of Aldaain turned into the IHSF's baptism of fire, with Bacterian assault fleets pouring into orbit all around the HFed command world like a plague. The IHSF proved its worth in this conflict, managing to beat back the Bacterian aggressors and swiftly ending the war before it could properly start. Once considered an overwhelmingly superior force, the battle showed the technological gap between the Bacterians and the rest of the Galaxy was no longer as wide as it used to be.

Technological leaps

A sub-fleet of Aikon Mk.IIIb heavy cruisers.

Aikon Mk.IIIb class heavy cruiser Catbert class

Beta Quadrant Conflict

The IHSF prominently took part in the Beta Quadrant Conflict in accordance with the new Inter-Stellar Alliance mutual defense and co-operation treaties. Referred to as a "joint police action", Operation Sundevil was a combined fleet campaign against the assets of the Interplanetary Alliance which was seen as a rogue state.

The supreme commander of the operation was the Gigerdian Grand Admiral Erwin Lerev of the Gigerdi Alliance Starfleet; Hemmo 240 Heiluja was in charge of the IHSF sub-fleets. The Imperial Bacterian Navy also provided a number of warships.

The operation was generally regarded as a success and a prime example of interstellar co-operation between ISA members.

Emissary Campaign



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