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The ubiquitous UO emblem.

A common union of all the peoples and nation states of planet Orceron. Originally known as the Orcish Community, this organization was refounded as the United Orcs in the year 3804 of the First Age and went on to become one of the longest lasting political alliances in the Milky Way Galaxy.


At the time of its disbanding, the United Orcs maintained a claim to a million star systems and had hundreds of thousands of inhabited colonies.


The United Orcs' activities covered most areas of public policy, from economic policy to foreign affairs, defence, agriculture and trade. However, the extent of its powers differed greatly among areas. In some the UO resembled a federation (e.g. on monetary affairs, agricultural, trade and environmental policy, economic and social policy), in others a confederation (e.g. on home affairs), and in yet others an international organisation (e.g. in foreign affairs).

The members of the United Orcs transferred to it considerable sovereignty, more than that of any other non-sovereign regional organisation. As mentioned before, in certain areas the UO took on the character of a federation or confederation. However, in legal terms, member states remained the masters of the Treaties, which means that the United Orcs did not have the power to transfer additional powers from states onto itself without their agreement through further international treaties. Further, in many areas member states gave up relatively little national sovereignty, such as with the Hemmoian Unity, who did not conform to common UO economic policy.

Executive branch

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Legislative Branch

The primary legislative organ of the United Orcs was the United Orcs Commission (UOC).

Judicial Branch

The judiciary was the branch of government responsible for resolving legal disputes. It consisted of a hierarchy of courts, with the Union Supreme Court at its apex. UO courts sometimes relied on panels of citizens known as juries, although the Coalition of Clans would often hold their own judicial assemblies, often relying on a traditional Orcish fight to the death.


Although private industry is rampant all over UO space, significant swaths of the UO economy are managed by government-owned statecorps.


The United Orcs maintained a common Foreign and Security Policy which included funding and operating a shared military force. Member states, while operating some regional and independent security and military units, mainly relied on these common UO forces for defense.

A common Orceronian military force known as the Orceron Armed Forces had already been established by the Orcish Community, the predecessor of the UO. After the foundation of the United Orcs, many OAF structures were inherited and used to create the UOAF and the United Orcs Military.



The UO has its roots on planet Orceron, homeworld of the Hemmoian and Orcish species. Prior to the UO, the prominent global alliance was known as the Orcish Community, a loose cooperative organization between Orcish nations that sparked the so-called New Era of Orceronian Cooperation. As the Hemmoian Unity entered a permanent state of "honorary membership" in this alliance, it became a truly globe-spanning, international and inter-species organization.

The need for closer international cooperation in matters such as space exploration and colonization, common planetary defense (against the lingering threat of the Ho'kan Empire) and economic development was recognized by nation states all across Orceron. It was also seen that the loose structure of the Orcish Community was insufficient to establish such level of cooperation. To this end, a new treaty was drafted that would transform the Community into an entirely new organ that much closesly resembled a world government instead of a simple alliance. Eventually this entity became known as the United Orcs, and the treaty establishing it was ratified in the year 3804 of the First Age. The unified Orceronian world government had been born.

The Great Cataclysm and the Exodus

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On Aldaain

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In 1,3914, First Contact with the Ollapukkitians was made. At the end of the year, a partnership treaty had been forged and the Ollapukkitian Commonwealth joined the United Orcs as an autonomous member.

V3 War and the New Colonization Era

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With the worlds of Orbeus 6 firmly colonized with assistance from the Ollapukkitians, the UO was free to expand into the Orbeus cluster and beyond. However, the former Ho'kan Empire, still based in the First Star system, had also expanded into neighboring star systems and refounded itself as the interstellar V3 Alliance. It was not long before the two enemies met once more, resulting in renewed hostilities. The war between the UO and the V3 is considered to have started in 2,0179, although officially there had been no end to the previous conflict between the governments.

The war lasted until 2,0210, culminating in the Final Defense of Aldaain and the destruction of Xalan, the V3 throne world.

With the war over, remaining V3 colonies were annexed by the UO and the union entered a period of peace and intensive space colonization. This period later became known as the New Colonization Era, characterized by a remarkable growth in UO space exploration well beyond the Orbeus cluster. New colonies were established at an exponential rate by the Royal Space Administration.

First Bacterian War

The First Bacterian War was the last major conflict the United Orcs faced.

UO colonies around the Delta Quadrant were attacked, occupied, or seeded with bioweapons organisms by the Bacterians. also, Aldaain, the homeworld, still had a billion or two people on it, just that they were constantly in the process of being slaughtered under the brutal Bacterian campaign (see: Siege of Aldaain). Thus every colony was in disarray and communications links between the colonies broke down. The United Orcs leadership, having fled into space, assumed the worst and thought all the colonies were lost and everyone was dead since they had every reason to believe so, which is why they came up with the plan to evacuate the main galactic plane aboard the HemmoCruiser. thus: HemmoCruiser Incident. still, it was clear the Bacterian aim was total genocide, which was a threat grave enough to warrant the Peace Station Project.


After the First Bacterian War, the UO entered a period of slow economic and political stagnation that reached its final stages around the time of the Peace Station Era.

A separatist faction called the Independent Hypersentiences broke away from the Union, forming a state of their own.

The disbanding of the Union was announced at the end of the Peace Station's first year of operations.

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