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The Peace Station Project was devised after the devastating First Bacterian War by a certain Hemmoian, K'ags Oiduts, as a way to give the different governments of the Galaxy a common ground, something they could all respect and something that would respect them, at all times. A place where they could solve their differences in a civilized manner so as to prevent barbaric conflicts such as the Bacterian War.

After it had been proposed to the government by Oiduts, the project was soon authorized by the United Orcs. The project was two-fold, including a signing of an interstellar peace treaty as well as the construction of a space station that would act as a diplomatic "neutral ground".

The Interstellar Peace Treaty

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The core of the Peace Station Project was the Peace Station Interspecies Treaty, also known as the Interstellar Peace Treaty or simply "The Treaty".

The Peace Station

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