Peace Station Interspecies Treaty

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Also known as the Inter-Stellar Peace Treaty or simply "The Treaty", the Interspecies Peace Treaty was forged some time after the devastating First Bacterian War between the Gigerdians, Bacterians and the United Orcs.

The treaty was drafted by Hemmoian diplomat K'ags Oiduts and it outlined the creation of a common committee that would decide on matters of galactic importance together and in a civilized manner, as well as the construction of a space station in neutral territory that would house this committee and various other diplomatic facilities. Work on the treaty was finalized by Hemmoian year 3,128 and it was signed in 3,129 by all participants.

The common ground diplomatic station outlined in the document was eventually named the Peace Station and work was soon started to build it in a neutral system somewhere near the Galactic Core. The station was finished in record time in the year 3,130.

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