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The finished Peace Station.

Max. Crew: About 5500 representatives of different races including security forces and operations crew, plus civilian personnel
Min. Crew: At least 10 Hemmoians and the bridge crew
Weapons: 17 Particle Annihilators
Shields: Partial energy shields, replaced several times

Essentially a small city in orbit, the Peace Station was constructed shortly after the devastating First Bacterian War by the Hemmoians. The station was meant to prevent massive conflicts like that by providing an open political forum for all interstellar governments, where they would have a place for solving their differences in a peaceful manner. The task was not an easy one, and various conflicts broke out from time to time during the Station's operation, but even then, the Peace Station Project was commonly regarded as a success among the galactic peoples.



The legendary Peace Station was designed by K'ags Oiduts, based on the already aging Chaos A station design, and got old mighty fast.

For some reason, the lower decks of the Main Saucer were never completed. For instance in the lower decks there was this legendary door which had a "Toilet" sign on it, but it was actually a one-way airlock. Pretty damn annoying.


During the first year, the Peace Station was heavily modified. A city of alien buildings were attached to the "bottom" of the station. It was named "The Hub City".

The station's shielding systems were significantly improved several times during the station's lifespan, as the need for increased protection became obvious.


The Peace Station was almost completely destroyed 5 times, major repairs were made 4 times, the wallpapers in the Hemmoian sector had to be changed 47 times, and the plumbing was replaced 2 times. The hemmoians aboard the station had a saying: "When there is a combat situation, this is a gigerdian station. But when it comes to repairing things, the station is suddenly ours."


An early deck plan schematic.

Command Dome

The Command Dome is the smaller of the two central towers protruding from the Main Saucer. For security reasons, access to the decks in this section is limited to command personnel only. Unlike the decks in the Main Saucer, the decks of the Command Dome are more tightly packed and built for quick an easy access between levels, for an example, between Traffic Control and the CIC.

C01 Communications Deck

  • Primary Subspace Transceiver (service access)
  • Communications Control Center
  • Main Traffic Control (MTC)

C02 Command Deck

  • Command Information Center (CIC) - basically the "bridge" of the station.

C03 Computer Deck

  • Station Computer Core

C04 Administration Deck

  • Station commander's office


Main Saucer

By far the largest section of the station, the Main Saucer is flanked by the two Docking Arms.

M01 Operations Deck

The Ops Deck is where the civilian staff of the station typically meet with the officer corps to discuss day-to-day operations.

  • Situation Room - a suite with holoprojectors used to discuss the strategic situation.
  • Command Dome access
  • Security station
  • Simulation units - high end computers with virtual reality sets, used
  • Gunnery access x 4

M02 Crew Quarters

M03 Crew Facilities

M04 Hemmoian Section

Note: Atmosphere largely incompatible with non-Orceronians.

  • Embassy of the Hemmoian Federation - located next to the turbolift access, this section of the deck can be visited by non-Orceronians.

M05 Gigerdian Section

M06 Bacterian Section

  • Embassy of the Bacterian Empire

M07 Ambassadorial Deck One

Access to the Ambassadorial Decks is restricted to diplomatic staff and authorized guests and personnel.

M08 Ambassadorial Deck Two

  • Ambassadorial quarters - atmosphere-controlled quarters for ambassadors from civilizations other than the three major starpowers
  • Ambassadorial dining room - a large, luxurious dining area, complete with a top-of-the-line kitchen android and tables made of Ollapukkitian marble.

M09 Assembly Deck

  • Main Assembly Hall

M10 Conference Deck

  • Interspecies Council Chamber
  • Press Room

M11 Maintenance Deck

M12 Engineering Deck

M12(R) Reactor Sub-Level

M13 Cargo Storage Deck

M14 Customs Deck

The Customs Deck is where all incoming passengers and visitors were inspected.

  • Customs Office - all station visitors and the goods they carry are cleared here.
  • Identification Office - pre-accredited diplomats, reporters, and others receive their security clearances here.
  • Docking Arm 1 Access - security airlock
  • Docking Arm 2 Access - security airlock

M15 Security Deck

  • Security Office
  • Brig

M16 Residential Deck One

M17 Residential Deck Two

M18 Recreation Deck One

M19 Recreation Deck Two

  • The Plaza - Social and shopping center for the station. Facilities include a droid shop, The Cave restaurant

M20 Medical Deck

  • Medbay - a medical infirmary with several patient rooms.
  • Medlab - a high-tech medical laboratory.
  • CMO's office

M21 Hydroponics Deck

  • Hydroponics Garden

M22 Residential Deck Three

M23 Residential Deck Four

  • Gunnery access x 4

The Hub City / Lower Decks

Central Tower

T01 Visitor Center

  • Visitor Lounge
  • Information Center
  • Tour Guide Office



T04 Office Deck

  • Station Archive

T05 Library Deck

  • K'ags Oiduts Memorial Library




  • Navigational Relay
  • Long-range Sensor Suite
  • Emergency Docking & Refueling Access

Docking Wing One

D11 Cargo Bays

  • Cargo Locks
  • Gunnery access x 2

D12 Cargo Bays (Heavy)


  • Port Traffic Control


D15 Security Bays

Docking Wing Two


  • Gunnery access



  • Starboard Traffic Control


D25 Security Bays


When the Collective was hacked, the Peace Station suffered greatly. When the Shapeshifters attacked it, it was almost destroyed. Furthermore it was attacked by 1110110110101111s, Bacterians, Hemmoians, Gigerdians, Antimaniacs, Renegade Bacterian Bioweapons, the Timocracy, the weird JääpJääp-creatures and several other thingies. This resulted in the violent deaths of 87.4% of the Hemmoian ambassadors.


Command crew

The multicultural crew operated under the command of a specially formed Peace Station Administrative Staff, theoretically to ensure neutrality.

Ambassadorial staff

GF/GConfed delegation

UO/IH/HFed delegation

Bacterian delegation

Other delegations

Security forces

Security on the station was provided by a mixed unit of security officers from different governments, operating under the command of the PS Administrative Staff.

Operations crew

Medical staff

Maintenance crew

Dock workers

Lower Decks residents


Black op

This Gigerdi Alliance military force took over the station in secret after it was abandoned.

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