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Mad Gigerdi is the former and last emperor of the Gigerdi Federation, decorated war hero and the second ambassador of the Gigerdians to the Peace Station.


Mad Gigerdi is the son of Ulre Gigerdi, a prominent Gigerdian scientist. Ever since his childhood, Mad wanted to pursue a career of science and exploration of the unknown. Mad attended the Gigerdian Science Academy on Gigerdi Prime after finishing secondary schooling, but as he heard of the even broader scientific opportunities present in the military, he signed up with his best friend, Kyle Gigerdi. Mad had known Kyle ever since their fathers had worked together in the political field. Thus their friendship had grown strong and supportive over the years.

Early Years

Mad and Kyle advanced through the basic training and orientation courses as cadets in the military academy of that time. While Kyle was more interested of fighter-piloting and combat skills, Mad studied technology and the scientific skills needed in the military service. Mad and Kyle both received a few promotions during this time due to their good conduct, and they both graduated from the academy at the same time. Unfortunately the H'vos War broke out soon after their graduation, and the two rookie lieutenants were sent to different ships to serve. Mad Gigerdi was assigned to the cruiser GFS Gigoros and Kyle was sent to the GFS Grimalkar. The difference between their assignments was something that had been simply decided by luck: Mad's ship did not see much action at first and was assigned to patrol in the vicinity of their home system - whereas Kyle's was sent to the frontlines.

The war was at a turning point when the ship in which Mad Gigerdi served in received a distress call from the Grimalkar. The message informed the commander of the ship about an ambush set for the Grimalkar, and that they were currently about to be overrun and completely destroyed. The captain of the vessel ordered the Gigoros to join in with a few other ships to a desperate rescue mission.