Hemmoian Federation

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Hemmoian Federation
Anthem: "We Are The Champignons"
(and largest colony)
(and largest city)
Aldaain Centrum
Official language(s) Hemmoian Standard, Computer Hemmoian
Recognised regional languages Riletian dialects, other Hemmoian dialects, Örkix, Ollapukkitian, Öksy, Gigerdian Standard, Bacterian dialects
Ethnic groups  Hemmoians (Aldaain) - 63%, Hemmoians (Riletian) - 0.0003%, Hemmoians (Other) - 8.9%, Orcs - 21%, Ollapukkitians - 0.08%, Other - 7%
Demonym Hemmoians
Government Collective
 -  Overhemmo 2439
 -  Great Council
 -  Constitution of the Hemmoian Federation 3,161 
 -  esimate Billions of star systems
 -   estimate >200 quadrillion 
Currency Hemmoian Federation Credit (HFC)
Time zone Hemmoian standard time

The Hemmoian Federation (commonly abbreviated as HFed) is a major starpower located in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. Its closest neighbors are the Bacterian Empire in the Gamma Quadrant, the Timocracy and Gigerdi Federation in the Alpha Quadrant.

Hemmoian Federation is mainly populated by Hemmoians and Orcs and is one of the biggest starpowers in the Galaxy in terms of size and population.


The word Hemmoian comes from the continent of CCHemmo on ancient Orceron, where early Hemmoians developed into sentience. The mid-sized continent was completely separated from the Orceronian mainland, where the other soon-to-be dominant species, the Orcs, were developing. Thus the two species never came in contact with each other as they evolved into sentience, separated by the vast ocean between their continents.

The Hemmoian Federation has its roots in the Independent Hypersentience state formed as a Collective-based separatist movement from the United Orcs. Although the Federation is multiracial, the name has remained.


Control World: Aldaain, Orbeus 6 system, Delta Quadrant

Territories: Several billion colonies mainly in the Delta Quadrant, also maintains strong presence in Gamma Quadrant and several Milky Way Globular Clusters, expeditionary forces in Small Magellanic Cloud

Population statistics

Population: Estimated at several hundred quadrillion

Ethnic Factions:

Languages: Hemmoian Standard, Computer Hemmoian, Orecian dialects, Iretian dialects, Vorekian dialects, Riletian dialects, other Hemmoian dialects, Örkix, Ollapukkitian, Öksy, Gigerdian Standard, Bacterian dialects (more than 1 960 700 indigenous languages and dialects)

Executive branch

Leader: Päähemmo 2439
Ruling body: Great Council (central), Quadrant Administration, Sector Administration, System Administration, Colonial Administration

Voting rights: Universal

Independence: 3,125 (UO date) (from United Orcs)
Constitution ratified: 3,125 (UO date)

Legislative branch

Main article: Executive Committees

The Federation's legislative branches are known as the Executive Committees. A member of such a committee is known as an Executive Officer of the Federation and is picked randomly from the common population without a long voting cycle. Committees are formed when deemed necessary and disbanded when they have reached a conclusion.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations


Unit of Currency (code): Hemmoian Federation Credit (HFC), consisting of 1000 Minor Hemmoian Federation Credits (MHFC)

Export Commodities: Space vehicles, defense products, medical technology, bionic implants, computer technology, food, fuels, chemicals, minerals
Export Partners: Member states, Gigerdi Alliance, Bacterian Empire

Import Commodities: Biotechnology, exotic minerals
Import Partners: Gigerdi Alliance, Bacterian Empire


The military forces of the Hemmoian Federation are commonly divided into three primary branches:

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