HemmoCruiser Incident

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The HemmoCruiser Incident, also known as the UO-GF-BE First Contact, was an event of monumental importance in galactic history. It was the first contact between all three major starpowers from the Alpha, Gamma and Delta Quadrants, resulting in the end of the First Bacterian War, the opening of interstellar relations, and finally gave rise to the prosperous Peace Station Era.


The UOSF custom long-range transport HemmoCruiser III.

In the year 3,0025 (UST), the First Bacterian War had reached its apocalyptic final stage. One by one, colonies of the United Orcs were bombed into oblivion from orbit by the Bacterian Empire's Doomsday Fleets or infected with deadly biological weapons with startling efficiency. Facing extinction, the UO government prepared a desperate last measure.

The remaining UO officials along with colonist refugees regrouped on one of the most distant UO mining colonies, nicknamed "The Refuge", selected due to its distant location, mineral resources, and industrial capacity. The plan was to construct a gigantic sleeper colony vessel called the United Orcs Starfleet HemmoCruiser III, equipped with enough cryogenic storage space to carry tens of thousands of colonists beyond the Galactic Rim in deep hibernation to ensure the survival of the Hemmoian, Orcish and Ollapukkitian species.

The vast starship eventually finished construction on The Refuge and managed to embark on its long voyage, barely escaping the Battle of the Refuge. However, several other refugee vessels were still in transit from other UO colonies, including the UOSF Letav inbound from Tooled Hemmo. Subspace burst transmissions were employed to coordinate rendezvous efforts.

What the crew of the HemmoCruiser didn't know was that they had unwittingly reached the outer border zones of the Gigerdi Federation, and that their communications were being picked up by Gigerdian subspace listening posts.

Commanders of the HemmoCruiser III

The Incident

When the heavily encrypted alien transmissions of the HemmoCruiser were picked up by the Gigerdi Federation Military, and subsequent subspace radar scans showed an enormous vessel with multiple heavy weapons emplacements approaching Federation space, their border defenses were placed on high alert.

An intercept fleet was quickly mobilized and sent to halt the invader's advance, led by GFS Geeroi Nemel, along with the GFS Klokner, GFS Lorrum, GFS Cleaner and GFS Gwendar. The Gigerdian fleet was under the command of admiral Ollekkoirpellu Giigerd, commanding officer of the Geeroi Nemel, and consisted of Ogaitinsha class heavy carriers carrying squadrons of Refit A Gigerdi Fighters supported by Commander class and Gigerdi Mk.II class cruisers and a Tau class destroyer.

Commanders of the GFSF taskforce
The UOSF population transport Letav.

UOSF Letav opened a communications channel with the UOSF HemmoCruiser III and informed the ship of their whereabouts.

UOSF Letav reaches the rendezvous point. The crew doesn’t know that they are in Gigerdian territory (Reykah system) and that a Gigerdian carrier group is approaching the ship.

Unfortunately, the Bacterian attack fleet is able to receive the sub-space communications with HCIII and UOSF Vatel, and heads for the rendezvous point too.

UOSF Letav and HCIII dock with each other and the passengers of the Letav move inside HCIII.

As the HCIII prepares for another long-range jump, the gigerdian carriers jump in and launch their fighters.

Language barrier

The HemmoCruiser was hailed by the Gigerdian fleet and ordered to stop, but without a common language the order was incomprehensible. Similarly, the response of the UO officials attempting to explain their dire situation fell on deaf ears. When the HemmoCruiser failed to turn away, the Gigerdian carrier groups proceeded to launch their starfighter squadrons and several warning shots were fired.

Finally, after heavy algorithmic programming and analysis using the HemmoCruiser's computer core, Arnasuk Baasegnar of the UO managed to decode some of the Gigerdian language and establish a crude dialogue.

The Negotiators

Chaos ensues

Commanders of the Gigerdian fleet were unsure whether to treat this as a genuine plea for help or just a ruse by the alien invaders. When HCIII doesn’t respond with fire, the captains of the carriers get confused whether to attack or not.

As an order to fire upon the alien vessel was given by admiral Ollekkoirpellu Giigerd, the commander of the fleet, the captain of the GFS Lorrum, Nooper Doniurs mutinied and the Gigerdian fleet was thrown into disarray. About half of the Gigerdian vessels started firing volleys at the HemmoCruiser, while the rest of the fleet siding with the Lorrum tried to get them to stand down.

As the Hemmoians try to open a communication channel to one of the ships, several fighters from different squadrons fire upon each other. Others in the fleet think that they should attack, others think they shouldn’t.

The situation was quickly spiralling into chaos when things took an even worse turn. A Bacterian attack fleet that had been following the HemmoCruiser jumped into the vicinity of the battle, having picked up the energy signature of the Gigerdian weapons fire.

Meanwhile a communication channel is opened between the two ships, and Hemmoian and Gigerdian representatives try to communicate with each other. Eventually the Gigerdians that don’t want to attack win, but HCIII is badly damaged in the battle.

Having established basic communication standards, UO reps show a hologram of what has happened to their once mighty union, and Gigerdians agree to help the United Orcs.

Commanders of the Bacterian strike force
The Void Dragon class supercarrier Cold Reality was one of the ships in the Bacterian strike fleet.

Threeway negotiations

As the Bacterian assault force moved in, weapons primed, Arnasuk Baasegnar kept messaging the Lorrum with information about the Bacterian menace.

Finally, communications were opened between all three parties.

End of the War

The Bacterian side initially responed with chilling silence but, to the surprise of everyone involved, finally opened a communication channel to unceremoniously declare a cease fire. The First Bacterian War had ended as quickly and without warning as it had began.

Before they start firing, HCIII opens a channel to one of the bacterian ships, and as the comm line is cut off, the First Bacterian War is over. Even today historians argue about what had actually happened. A popular theory is that there was some form of uprising in the Bacterian government.

The true reasons behind the Bacterian cessation of hostilities are unknown. While some say it was the threat of another war with the Gigerdi Federation, others speculate court politics within the Empire were more influential in the decision. This is supported by the fact that Emperor Pavonidas Bacterionema I was forced to step down immediately after the Incident, and the Bakteeri family disappeared from the public eye altogether.

Destruction of the HemmoCruiser

Meanwhile, the HemmoCruiser was too badly damaged by Gigerdian attacks. Damaged by gigerdian fire, the propulsion units of HemmoCruiser III go critical. The population aboard the UOSF HemmoCruiser III are evacuated to the gigerdian carrier just in time before HCIII explodes.

The starship jettisoned all stasis pods just as its reactors went critical. The mighty vessel's voyage ended before it could begin.

The skeleton crew that had not yet entered cryosleep transferred via shuttle aboard the Lorrum, where one of the hangars of the ship was hastily converted into an alien atmosphere. It was in this hangar that the Gigerdians first saw Hemmoians, Orcs and Ollapukkitians, separated by a force field that kept the two atmospheres from mixing.


The Incident established diplomatic relations between the three major starpowers of the Galaxy, placing them on a path of cultural exchange that eventually culminated in the launching of the Peace Station Project.