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Gigerdians like going green 'cause they're green.

Historical changes

There has been several cultural changes in the Gigerdi Federation over the past centuries. The most dramatic impact probably came with the first contact with United Commonwealth of Planets and especially with the Humans though the disbanding of the Council of the Wise also had a significant effect. Religion was once a prominent force in the Gigerdian society, but over the centuries it has lost its purpose. Literature has also seen changes during the course of the centuries and there has been numerous changes of style. Sculpting has seen a decline in popularity while holovision has gained it. Gigerdian cuisine has seen rather little of change over the centuries, though it has also been influenced by new alien foods.

The contact with the Humans brought the biggest change with the language reform. As Gigerdians were fascinated by the human standard language they decided to begin using it. Over the years and decades it gained more and more popularity and eventually replaced the Gigerdian language as the main language. Humans also influenced Gigerdian fashion, architecture and slightly also other forms of art. Contact with other species also allowed different types of sports to surface and has increased their popularity.


The Gigerdian people are mainly divided into two groups, that is people from the core worlds and those that live outside of them. The core world people usually tend to consider rest as slightly lesser class people.


Religion no longer has a strong influence in the Gigerdian culture. Previously there had been several different religions that usually had several gods. There is, however, still some small support for certain religions. Lately the Cult of the Potato has also gained support among some Gigerdian colony worlds.

Racial minorities

It can be said with fair certainty, that the Gigerdians themselves do not possess indigenous racial minorities anymore the same way many other species do. Over the Millenias all of the Gigerdians have been absorbed culturally into a large green three-eyed society with little to no regard over the other citizens shade of green skin color. However, several racial minorities from other species have migrated themselves inside the Gigerdian society over the years, and one of these groups most visibly doing so are the Humans. Many Humans along with other Humanoid members from the UCP have migrated into Gigerdian worlds over time, and especially the Humans have always been welcomed with open arms into the Gigerdian society.

While humans were welcomed with open arms from the beginning, some other races have suffered from racism and discrimination. While UCP members are nowadays considered as equals and no longer discriminated some other groups still suffer from discrimination. Especially small Folan, Vemrer and Bacterian minorities still face racism and discrimination. Although in the recent decades the GF government has tried to repair the situation, progress has nonetheless been rather slow.

There are also differences between different colony worlds as to how other alien species or even off-world Gigerdians are treated. On some colony worlds off-worlder minorities are treated as outsiders and are usually forced to live in isolated parts from rest of population. This has created some tensions between certain core worlds and border worlds where the discrimination is practiced. While the central government has tried to prevent this, it has been criticized for not taking the matter seriously enough.



Approximately 35-40% of Gigerdians have telepathic abilities to some extent, but about 30% of the total population are registered as having telepathic abilities. The rest usually only have better capabilities in protecting their minds from external probing. Due to the high amount of telepaths they are considered a normal part of the Gigerdian lives. However, those who are seen as having telepathic capabilities due to different brain structure are always educated in use of their abilities. If they are not educated in the use of their abilities, their abilities will either remain dormant or be uncontrollable. In the past the "telepathic insanity" was an unknown form of insanity.

All non-telepathic Gigerdians are also educated on mind resistance to prevent any unauthorized mind scanning. Because of this effective mind scanning usually requires physical contact and concentration, depending on the skills of the telepathic user and the person who is scanned.

Family structure

Family is an important part of the Gigerdian society. The nuclear family usually contains the two parents which can be of same sex, though even today this is considered rare, and the children. Grandparents and other relatives have smaller roles though mostly on with children, meaning that the parents are usually in much more closer contact with their own parents than the children are with their grandparents. Other relatives, like siblings of the parents, also interact mainly only with the parents and not the children. Generally it is expected that the children of a family are only in little contact with any relatives so that the parents can raise them "unspoiled". Because of this it is not uncommon for children to choose their careers based on the wishes of their parent(s). The parents in general can have a large impact on the lives of their children and, while not officially confirmed, there are rumors that even organized marriages still exist. Overall a family usually has little contact with other relatives once they get children in order for the parents to concentrate on them, however, the grandparents can still offer advice and suggestions on how to raise the children.

Due to the increased presence of aliens on Gigerdian worlds there has been changes to this behavior among some Gigerdians and especially on some less conservative colonies. Nevertheless majority of Gigerdian families still follow the traditional ways.

Festivities and traditions

Gigerdians have few festivities that are global in the sense that they are practiced almost everywhere in the Federation. One of these festivities is the Gigerdian new year. While each planet has their own rotational cycle the new year is nevertheless practiced on every colony world at the same day as in Gigerdi Prime. As to what time-zone is used varies on the planet and continent. It's not uncommon for Gigerdians to have family meetings during the new year and, although rare on other occasions, even grandparents or siblings to attend these. Gigerdian new year lasts four days in total and these four days are also public holidays.

Another widely practiced festivity is Gerege, which is a celebration of life. The word itself means "to live". Originally it comes from the continent of Aarelik where it has been practiced for hundreds of years, but in the past few centuries the habit has spread all around the Gigerdi Federation. The time when it is celebrated is usually at the same time as in Aarelik, which is during the summer time. However, as not all continents and colonies have summer at that time it is practiced at varying times in other colonies or continents. It has become a major event in the continent of Aarelik and many Gigerdians flock there during the festival. The festival itself contains parades, performances and generally having a good time in the various events available. The festival is also very sexual in nature, which is considered unusual as the Gigerdians are often considered as rather conservative when it comes to sexual matters. During the Gerege it is common to have even sexual performances displayed in public. The festival takes about a week in Aarelik and varies on other worlds, usually lasting only a day or two.


In the pre-federal times, literature was a powerful form of expression and a way to communicate and spread the news regarding a particular subject. Religious and philosophical literature was very famous and popular, since many different religious sects, groups and organizations published such material to get their view of life known to one and all - especially possible members. Some religious literature is still around in the modern eras, but it is regarded by most of the Gigerdians as somehow biased or perhaps even outdated in regards of the information that such a publication consists of.

News were also published in a traditional form, and they were naturally a popular way to spread around current events. In addition of news, many Gigerdian leaders of the old published biographies, that were quite often a form of guidance for the citizens of the nations that they governed. These publications were meant as a guide book to the individual citizen regarding the views and operations of the government that such a citizen was a part of. These information booklets also contained large paragraphs of personal ponderings and messages to the indivisual citizen from the leader or leaders of the said nation.

In the modern eras, literature in its' traditional sense is not published much, anymore. The digital form of Media and expression have largely taken over this aspect, and even countless Gigerdian literature of the old have been re-published in a digital format.

As for what Gigerdian literature was about in a general way, it can be said simply that it was about as much different subjects as possible, really. There was an amount of literature published for entertainment purposes, and there were factual publishings as well. Literature was also something that was widely available to one and all from the early days of the race, but it was also used by many different organizations and factions for many different purposes.

Here's a short list of the differences in literature from the older ages and the modern era:

Older eras literature: was wide and far-reaching. Was used for both informational and enterntainment purposes. Many philosophical works essential to the Gigerdians and their drive towards space was done at this time, and they influenced the creators of the Gigerdi Federation to create the federal state in the first place, and then to constantly try to push the entire species towards a global space race and the colonization of the nearby starsystems.

Visual arts

Visual arts have gained more popularity over the centuries and is currently much more popular than for example literature. Especially holovision has gained popularity steadily, though sculpting on the other hand has seen declining use.


Gigerdian architecture can be described as relatively modern yet also blocky. Gigerdian buildings are often rectangle-shaped, but also often incorporate round edges and spherical components. Gigerdian buildings often use wide range of colors and can be quite colorful, their ships also incorporate varying colors and can have ship colors ranging from usual gray to even green, red and blue.

Gigerdian buildings are of varying sizes as well. Skyscrapers are relatively unusual sight though and most buildings have at most 40 floors. The technology present in the buildings is almost always state-of-the-art of that time and upgrades are done often.


Painting is still widely practiced though in the modern days most painting is done using computer software instead of real paint. Another form of "painting" has also emerged with the use of holowindows.


The art of sculpting was once a popular form of artistic expression for the Gigerdian culture. In the very early days, Gigerdian artists interested of sculpting often created sculptures of things that were somehow influencing or very dear to them. Thus it wasn't too uncommon in the pre-federal days to see large sculptures depicting the families or loved ones of the artist. Sometimes sculpting was also done to celebrate deities, gods or objects from the nature.

In the modern era large-scale sculptors and such have, for the most part, declined. Some Gigerdians have taken up traditional sculpting as a hobby, and specifically traditional sculpting with the same basic and primitive tools that were available to the sculptors of the old eras. Naturally better and more detailed sculptures can be made in the modern eras with all sorts of precision tools, but a growing movement among the Gigerdian sculptors of the modern era still believe in clinging to the methods and tools of the old.

Also, in the modern era sculptures are still naturally being made, but to a much smaller and official demand than before. Quite often Gigerdian sculptures of the modern era depict quite abstractively the creation of something - in example the foundation of colonies or to celebrate a historical figure of some sort from the Gigerdian point-of-view. In the older days, sculptures were made of much more mundane, everyday things than in the modern era.


The Gigerdian culture as a whole has largely transformed into a visual culture, that is interested of Holovision programs and visual arts in general. Thus Holovision in its' many forms, such as movies, daily and weekly programs and such have largely begun to interest the Gigerdian public at an increasing rate. Many incorporated entertainment producing groups and companies have been formed to compete with the traditional state-funded Holovision programs. One of the pioneers of Gigerdian cinema, which has many different and popular genres and subcultures inside of it is H.R. Gigerdi, with his comical horror movies and soap operas.

It can be said with fair certainty, that Holovision programs interest the average Gigerdian quite a bit. Although many foreign Holovision shows are shown in the hundreds of available channels, quite often according to viewing polls a Gigerdian is more interested of shows or programs that are more entertaining in value. Naturally news programs are quite popular too, but a fair amount of Gigerdian Holovision shows have always been about entertainment.


The Gigerdian fashion overall has also seen many changes and styles over the years, as has the society in which it affects.

Naturally the Gigerdians have borrowed many human clothing designs, and modified and adapted them to suit their own styles. Also it can be said with fair certainty, that many Gigerdians, as do humans, have quite individualistic styles of fashion not really dictated by anyone but the person themselves.

Some stereotypes of modern Gigerdian fashion do exist, however. Firstly, a commonly seen Gigerdian businessman, diplomat or public servant might wear a hip-length tailored coat for men or women, with a stand-up mandarin collar. Some of the styles of these jackets are actually borrowed from various military uniforms of the past, but they have clearly been modified for a slightly more civilian look. Also, many clothing designs have been made with Unisex-versions in the Gigerdian society, since quite often male or female Gigerdians have been interested of a gender-specific clothing garment, and thus a version for both sexes has had to be designed.

Media and communications

Media is popular among the Gigerdians although there aren't many big news providers. The biggest ones are Gigerdian News and G-Corp Media Inc. with Gigerdian News controlling about 45% of the news market and G-Corp Media Inc. 35%. This has also caused problems with the availability of different news items and their reliability as there aren't enough news providers.

There are several smaller news corporations, but majority of them are local and either operate on certain sections of land, on certain planet or sometimes on system wide scale. There are much more independent radio stations and thanks to subspace radio it allows for easy broadcasting throughout the Gigerdian space.

Most news are followed either from the holovision or from the galaxy net. Galaxy net access is also commonplace in the Gigerdian space and every colony has unrestricted access to it. Though there have been rumors of certain censorship on some of the colony worlds and even on Gigerdi Prime, though this hasn't been confirmed officially.


Education is an important part of an individual Gigerdian's life, and it also serves to better and advance the society around him or her. To illustrate these ideals, it can be said with fair certainty, that literacy is 100% among the Gigerdians.

At an early age, the parents of a young Gigerdian usually teach him or her to read and overall understand the society that the child is to grow a part of. The compulsory Gigerdian education begins at the age of 5 and lasts until about 16 or 17 years, when the young Gigerdian enters an upper secondary educational institution. Some of these upper secondary institutions specialize in creating students for specific higher education institutions i.e. upper secondary institutions specializing in natural sciences offer graduated students to higher education institutions specialized in natural sciences.

When a young Gigerdian has graduated from an upper educative institution, he or she can continue her studies according to individual interests in one of the many higher education institutions, or "universities" located throughout Gigerdian space. Another popular choice at this time of age is also to join the Gigerdi Alliance Military, and continue the studies of a subject that the individual finds interesting in the ranks of the military. In this method, once a Gigerdian has finished the studies of a subject in one of the Gigerdi Alliance Military academies, she will serve a certain time for the military as an expert on that field of study. In an example, if a young Gigerdian studies engineering at a GA Military Academy, he or she is required to complete a tour of duty as an engineering officer of some grade for the military.


The Gigerdian use of language has changed dramatically over the few Millennia, and this change has largely been attributed to the Human culture, which has given several alternatives to the Gigerdin vocal culture. Federation Standard language has largely replaced the traditional Gigerdian language, and only the various smaller dialects and local tongues are still alive in the various colony worlds. The Gigerdian society as a whole, however, does not see this as an intrusion any way, since most of the Gigerdians understand that Federation Standard has grown into a Lingua Franca of the day, and the Gigerdian society thrives mainly due to its open adeptness of this language.


The Gigerdian cuisine has naturally been very agriculturally orientated. The national fruit, Space Banana has been cultivated and grown for thousands of years both in the Gigerdian home system as well as in the colonies. Also, fish and different meat products have been very popular Gigerdian food over the different eras, and especially fresh food products produced or grown the natural way are an increasingly popular choice, since many Gigerdians consider the food produced by Replicators to sometimes taste bland.

The Aqua Banana of the B²-species has also grown in popularity in the Gigerdian worlds, mainly because it tastes so much different from the traditional Space Banana varieties. Large amounts of very exotic spices are brought from the Texian worlds as well, since spices and similar agricultural products of other species are held in high regard.

It should also be noted that the production of fresh meat is not that common in very many Gigerdian worlds anymore, since the hunting of indigenous species of animals has been largely banned due to concerns of extinction of the said species. This has been largely undersood by the majority of Gigerdians, since they as a species have understood that if a certain population of animals is to hunted to extinction, the source of goods from that source will die out.

Public holidays

The number of various public holidays throughout the Gigerdian state have greatly varied over the years, but it also now seems that the Gigerdian state has seen a steady increse in them. Generally speaking all the colony worlds are permitted to celebrate a "founding day" once a year in regards of the founding of the colony, but not nearly all of them wish to do it, since roots of the colony might not be as important to the current legislators in power as it once was. Also, every larger conflict or all-out war that the Gigerdians have taken part in have received a remembrance day or days of their own. Finally, there is the "Alliance Day", which is celebrated due to the creation of the Gigerdi Alliance, but quite often the celebration lasts for an entire week. Before the Alliance Day, the holiday was known as Federal Day, meant to celebrate the Gigerdi Federation's creation and also its succesful campaign to reach the stars.

Also, election days for a new presidency or Senate elections are considered public holidays, although both of those days are not celebrated as "holidays" the same way other, more official holidays are. Before the creation of the Gigerdi Alliance, election days for Senate officials and other planetary judicators were considered holidays, but weren't celebrated as holidays the same way as they are now.

Also, before the Alliance, whenever a new Emperor rose to power, the day was granted a status of a holiday. This was celebrated accordingly, pretty much the same way the inaugural address day of a new president is celebrated in the Gigerdi Alliance. The death of a statesman in the Gigerdian culture has traditionally meant that the day is declared a day of mourning, but it has not been made a national holiday in any way.


The Gigerdians as a species have almost always been greatly interested of various sporting events, and they gladly took part in the Galactic Olympiad every year since they were discovered by the galactic community. Sporting events in the Gigerdian culture have changed over the years, since at one time the Gigerdian community greatly favored various track and field sports to be held completely virtually for easier coverage by the Holovision newscasters. In later times, however, more "traditional" ways of playing sports the way they were originally meant to be played has increased in popularity.

Also, Ice Hockey has received a large following in the more icy colony worlds following the first contact with the humans, and following this trend a national Hockey team by the name of Gigerdi Prime Spoilers was created. This in turn made the other colonies create their own teams, which finally created the National Gigerdian Hockey League. Sometimes the league has even played their games in a Zero-G enviroment,

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