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The Council of The Wise was the loosely tied governmental body of the Gigerdian state before the creation of the Gigerdi Federation. The council was formed out of representatives belonging to the three biggest nation states of that time. The Turladoor Republic, Wantfa Kingdom and the smaller island nation of Etzonis formed the council of high-ranking governmental officials from each state at that time.

The Creation of the Council

After bigger and smaller foreign conflicts and general strife between the various states existing on the Gigerdian homeworld had lasted for several decades, it was eventually decided that a form of cooperative government was needed, in which a council maintained by the three states would attempt to diplomatically negotiate their way out of domestic and foreign problems whenever they arose. The council was originally designed to be as much of a unified "governing body" for the Gigerdian race as it had been meant to be a place for diplomatic and political negotiations on neutral ground.

At first the various political leaders of the time were very eager to establish such a council, because many of them understood the opportunities that such an endeavor would bring on a political level, as well as bring possibilities for each state to influence themselves on the foreign and domestic policies of their other states taking part in the council. It was decided that the council chambers along with its offices would be constructed into the small island of Etzonis, where the smaller state of the same name resided.

At the very beginning of its course, the Council of the Wise was quite successful in stopping several major conflicts from growing bigger or even ever from igniting. This was largely made possible by a completely new and frank form of political dialog made available between all of the states belonging to the council. At first it had been visioned that the council was to only seek out answers towards conflicts and problems relating to foreign policy issues, but eventually the council members themselves begun to consider the possibilities of attempting to use the political influence of the council to affect the outcomes of domestic policy issues in the various states.

The Council Grows

The various high-ranking political figures acting as representatives of their individual nations begun to quickly realize, that due to their influence and political power, they could start to affect the outcomes of political decision making in their own nations. The members of the council had grown very influential over the years, and understood that with enough time, effort and patience the Council of the Wise could be transformed into a one world government, ruled by a central committee (and in this case the Council of The Wise) deciding on the vast majority of all decisions.

With these possibilities in mind, the members of the council begun to grow increasingly more closer to each other in terms of political Agendas and financial projects. They understood by their own terms, that the Gigerdian race could be unofficially ruled by the people belonging to this council alone - if given enough time and resources to establish the basis for it. The idea of a secret ruling body was greatly boosted by unmentioned national agendas in the background among the various different members of the council, but naturally it was never spoken out aloud that one group wished to rule the entire species at a wider angle than the other.

Thus among all the day-to-day political projects and decision making, the members of the council begun to work towards this goal in secret. The members of the council understood, that in order to be able to act as the central government of an entire species, it was needed to merge several of the smaller states into a larger union perhaps panning the entire Gigerdian species one day. Thus the members of the council started to influence decisions and national agendas towards various "unions" between the Gigerdian states.

First Actions Towards Unification

The Council of the Wise begun to work towards the secret goal by firstly recommending to the individual ruling bodies of each member state that a union spanning all of the nation states should be established in the name of mutual co-operation, friendship and economical benefits. The council did not, however, set the advancement of space travel as a priority in any way, but instead let all of the individual states to continue their own rather primitive space programs in peace. The reason for this negligence towards an important aspect in the advancement of the Gigerdian race as a whole was due to the fact that the members of the council were never interested in the advancement of the various space programs, because they viewed them as "unnecessary" and also ultimatelly just ways for people to squander resources into things that did not benefit the race as a whole. For these reasons, the council never really accepted the philosophical writings of a well-known Gigerdian philosopher, Meguid, who argued 700 years before the establishment of the council that the future of the entire Gigerdian race lay in the stars, not in petty squabbles over a single planet and its' resources. Meguid's writings had gained a popular following ever since they had been published, and a growing number of individual citizens and even politicians believed that what Meguid had written had to heeded as soon as possible. His views through the writings weren't shared by too many influential people in the council, nor where they greatly appreciated by most of the leaders of that time. Still, though, a popular movement had been around for hundreds of years towards Meguid's writings, and this in turn caused trouble towards the agenda of the council.

A loose union spanning the three biggest nation states on the Gigerdian homeworld was established in (insert date here). Through the actions of the council, these three states had been loosely tied together as a "union of the unified Gigerdian people", but many believed that the union that was supposed to only exist as a military and economical partnership program was ignoring some other more lucrative opportunities for the entire race. The most interesting opportunity was the possibility to reach space in ways and lenghts greater than before, and perhaps even extend space exploration into the colonization of other distant and far away worlds. Space in itself had gained interest in the deep flocks of the people, but the council that was supposedly there to listen to the people and influence the well-being of all Gigerdians seemed strangely oblivious towards the advancement of the space program and all things relating to it.

Following these events the council understood that it was too faceless of an organization to be able to control the citizens of the nations by itself. Thus it decided, that in order to unify the people of the nation states more, a symbol of some sort was needed as a token for the unified efforts of the race to reach a higher point of co-existence. Thus the council decided, that the individual ruling bodies of each states should be countered by introducing a new global "ruler of all Gigerdians" in the form of just one royal house and Emperor. Thus the council influenced a royal courtship between a prince from the Wantfa Kingdom and the daughter of the high coucellor of the Turladoor republic. The offspring from this relationship were to be the first members of a new royal house and line of leaders for the race, which did meet certain resistance and backlashing from the members of the union, but was eventually accepted as an act towards further unification. It did, however, take more than 20 years for the council to be able start influencing the global politics through this unified royal house, and at that time some certain newer members with different agendas had reached membership in the council. These members no longer wished to just influence the global politics into a direction that the council wished, but started seeking ways to gain absolute power in certain areas of the political field.

The Grip Tightens

After several years the Gigerdian general public across many of the nation states were still unhappy with the fact that space exploration was not something that the powers that be valued to a high enough of a degree. Many newer prophets and even religious leaders rose to the public in order to try and convince many different influential groups in their own governments that economical growth and other "earthly matters" weren't as important as the need to push the Gigerdians, as a species, into the stars and not keep them landlocked forever.

The powers that be, namely the Council of the Wise, knew of the true needs of the people quite well. They weren't that willing to do anything about it yet and still, but acknowledged that the growing group campaigning for the increasing of the space effort were a threat. The group known as the Gigerdian Federalists were regular citizens and prominent political figures influenced by the writings of Meguid, and they wished to influence the leaders of the union into accepting increased funding for the space efforts. The Federalists had also over time grown to accept the new royal house of the Gigerdians, and were in support of the so-called "one world Emperor", but were still strongly against the oddly indifferent attitudes of their own governments towards space exploration.

The council quickly understood, that the Federalist movement was a significant threat for their interests of economical and military hegemony on the Gigerdian world, and decided to actively start pursuing and countering their efforts. This caused a conflict between the forces of the council and the Federalist movement, which was waged in the form of espionage, assassinations and sabotage. It lasted for several years, but the Federalist side of the conflict remained strong despite it.

The Beginning of The End

After the council had been in power for almost 25 years, the secret conflict between the Federalists and the council still remained strong. However, the council knew that they had lost a great amount of trust and efforts among the citizens of the union which they had created a long time ago. The lack of trust towards the council had largely been created by cunning and ultimatelly correct counter-propaganda aimed at the true intensions of the council and the people behind it. The Federalist movement had been successful through the use of their own "friends in high places" that had helped the movement to uncover information and documents behind the "virtuous Council of the Wise" that the council itself had been promoting ever since it was commissioned.

The people of the union demanded change, and the council now knew that if an open revolt against the shadow government would be undertaken, it could mean the certain demise of their form of government. The fears of the council did materialize later on in the following year, when in the parliaments and senates of the individual nation states the members and supporters of the Federalist movement openly revealed knowledge of the council's less than lawful means of governance. This triggered further protests, riots and small-scale conflicts between the Federalists and forces belonging or supporting the council.

Eventually though, the popular opinion for a new Federal state between the Gigerdians did win. Most of the members of the council had either been killed, fled to secret hideouts or simple surrendered during the long secret conflict. Many considered the council an ultimate evil that had influenced the foreign and domestic policies of the nations belonging to the so-called "union of states" - and the union itself had even been their creation.

The Reformed Gigerdian Federal State and Legacy of The Council

As the new Federalist Movement took power, it understood that certain things that the council had implemented a long time ago still had to be kept since they had eventually grown into well-liked institutions over the years. One of these so-called "institutions" was the royal house and the Emperor. Monarchy had grown to be a popular and successful form of government, despite it being originally (and secretly) created by the Council of The Wise. The Federalists thus had no plans to expell Monarchy, but decided to build a reformed Federal state around the Monarchy.

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As the Gigerdi Federation was created, it was founded upon many of the principles presented in the writings of the Gigerdian philosopher Meguid. The new Gigerdi Federation vowed not to repeat the mistakes of the council, and set the reaching of space along with space exploration in general as their top priority Agenda.

In the following decades the Council of the Wise along with many of its' hidden agendas had been eventually discovered to its' full extent. A great amount of the citizens of the Federation viewed the council and its' rule behind a curtain as a heinious plot and a criminal act in itself, but then again some viewed the council as a bringer of at least some good to the entire species through the introduction of the single royal house and the position of the Emperor. Still though, the council and the ruling methods it employed were greatly frowned upon almost universally by the Gigerdian historians afterwards, since many felt that the indirect interference of the council was despite everything else a very negative influence.