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Meguid was a Gigerdian philosopher who wrote a series of "universal writings" 700 years before the Council of The Wise took power and the first union between the three biggest nation states were formed.

Very little is known about Meguid - even the true gender of Meguid has been a hotly debated matter among Gigerdian historians ever since the release of his writings. Many have agreed that Meguid was a genderless being, whereas some view Meguid as a powerful and wise female deity. What is known about Meguid is, however, that Meguid was mostly likely a travelling scholar of some sort, who often travelled all around the Gigerdian homeworld, and spoke to people about the true identity and personality of the Gigerdian species. According to the writings, the Gigerdians themselves could never find collective prosperity by being simply being an earth-bound culture. Meguid also stated, that the true future of the entire species lay in the stars, and that all of the Gigerdians should forget their petty internal squabbles and concentrate in unison on reaching the stars. This message gave hope to many, and slowly but surely several visionaries from the deep rows of the Gigerdian people started to agree upon the writings of Meguid, which in turn increased his popularity and spread Meguid's message.

Meguid also wrote a series of transcripts about how all of the Gigerdians themselves were a species having much to offer for the universe itself, but realizing their true nature and purpose in the Galaxy would take time.

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