Wantfa Kingdom

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The Wantfa Kingdom was a former Gigerdian nation state on Gigerdi Prime before the creation of the Gigerdi Federation. The state had been originally founded by a female feudal queen by the name of Teuhan Niuscal many centuries before the creation of the Council of the Wise. The Wantfa kingdom seized to exist as a ruling governmental body after the creation of the Gigerdi Federation, but many emperors and empresses of the federation have since had lineage to the Wantfa royal house in their bloodlines.

The state was not as technologically advanced as the Turladoor Republic, which was sometimes the arch enemy of the monarchy ruling over the lands of the Wantfa kingdom. The two states did come to terms with one another periodically, but the Wantfa often wished to somehow exploit the Turladoor for its' technological superiority.

The capital city of the Wantfa Kingdom was Kondakar City which still remains on Gigerdi Prime as a bustling metropolis to this day.