Colonial Expansion of the Gigerdi Federation

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The beginning of the efforts of mass colonization

After the formation of the Gigerdi Federation, the administration of the newly-created and unified form of government for the Gigerdians had a clear plan: to considerably boost the space effort of the species way past previous budgets and establish a colonial authority across all of the systems neighboring Gigerdi system and even beyond it. Space exploration was to be the secondary objective in line with colonization, since the stars themselves had fascinated the Gigerdians for thousands of years before even the most primitive form of space travel, and thus the entire species as a whole wished to see what was beyond their own

The Federal government acted upon the plans of several former Gigerdian statesmen and visionaries, who had been confident for decades of the importance of a serious and aggressive space exploration and colonization program. Luckily the general population of the newly-formed federal state had interest in the stars as well, and thus the government launched extensive marketing and educational campaigns to recruit as many potential spacefares as possible. The various commercial companies also took interest in the effort, but had been planning extensive space exploration and colonization efforts themselves. The Gigerdi Federation's government managed to negotiate sizable business deals with the companies enabling them to fly their space missions under the flag of the GF, but in turn have rights for all material that they might come across during the missions. The companies of that time were very interested of all new minerals and natural resources that could be used to benefit their own of businesses and the entire race itself.

Finally the third group along with governmental and commercial efforts in the colonization program were the civilian ones. The governmental propaganda of "a new beginning out in the stars" had hit its' mark upon the population, since several millions of Gigerdians grew interested of becoming colonists and space explorers in exchange for a new home in a completely different environment from their own homeworld. Several financially well supported groups constructed colonial vessels and smaller spacecraft for the efforts, but mainly for their own usage, though. The government once again attempted and succeeded in some cases to negotiate deals with these "private colonists" under the same terms as they had with the commercial companies, but this sort of behavior had a seed of dissent sown inside of it, since after the first era of colonization, several of the newly-created colonies had disputes with the commercial colonies over mining rights, land ownership and general rules of colonization.

First era of colonies

First era begun in year 2152. The very first colonized territory of the Gigerdians was the planet of Gref, and was shortly followed by Groger. Both of these worlds proved to be quite similar to the original homeworld of the species, and despite high hopes, no sentient species were ever found from these worlds, either.

The mixed efforts of the Gigerdian species to colonize the stars had at this time truly begun, when the various mixed factions and colonization programs had finally managed to send over a hundred vessels to various neighboring star systems for colonization. A considerable amount of these vessels were sleeper ships, which would not be heard of until several decades later upon their arrival.

The Gigerdi system was almost completely colonized after the initial buzz on space exploration, and smaller outposts begun to grow into bigger colonial compounds and even cities.

Second era of colonies

At (insert date here) signals came through to the homeworld from several dozens of sleeper ships around the neighboring systems that had finally reached their targets, and even managed to start smaller colonial outposts.

At about the same time the Gigerdi Federation came up with its first FTL-drive ever, the GFTLD Drive . This patriotically named "Gigerdian Faster than light drive" created by scientists Nerver Y. Golaton and Dussix Treevor enabled a few experimental vessels to travel at speeds faster than light for short periods of time, which in turn made travel in the Gigerdian home system much faster - further increasing the amount and speed of colonization.

At this time the federal government also established the Gigerdian Colonial Authority Police (GCAP) to patrol the home system and act as the law-enforcement organization out in the most frontier of colonies since they quite often lacked any military or police organizations to keep the peace there.

The Gigerdi Federation was also very much involved at this time in space exploration. The earliest exploration vessels were naturally sleeper ships, and some of them were never heard of again after their departure. However, after the faster than light propulsion systems advanced, though, even greater amounts of exploration vessels were sent out, and eventually made a first contact with another sentient group of species known as the United Commonwealth of Planets 95 years after the initial wave of colonization, in year 2217. The first two species that the Gigerdians encountered were the Humans and the Lihters, which proved both friendly and very eager to open up trade relations as soon as possible. Especially the Humans fascinated the Gigerdians, and it has been said that the human captain of the vessel commented upon meeting the Gigerdians that "you, as a species, must be our long-lost brothers from another world", which sparked large acceptance among the Gigerdian and human populations in the UCP. Several partnership-programs were also introduced at this time between the two governments, which spanned many fields of study. The Gigerdians were also asked to join the UCP, but after a general referendum the result was clear: the Gigerdians wished to remain an independent state, and the entire UCP was viewed at the time as a consortium of smaller races banding together for protection with the exception of the human civilization. The Gigerdi Federation viewed itself powerful enough on its' own, not needing a greater amount of other races for protection and general aid. The Gigerdian politicians in the Senate promised, however, to reconsider membership in the UCP if such a need arose in the future.

Through the UCP, the Gigerdians established numerous new diplomatic contacts and trade pacts, which enabled the federal state to grow larger and continue colonization efforts with an even greater tempo.

Third era of colonies

The third age of colonization begun in a very different light for the Gigerdian race.

Firstly the government of the federation had managed to largely end the privatized efforts of colonization, and had nationalized most of the colonial and space exploration programs funded by the large corporations and companies. The faster than light propulsion drives, such as the Hyperdrive and very early prototypes of the Warp Drive enabled colonization efforts in the newly-discovered Beta Quadrant to be much faster than in the Alpha Quadrant, and space exploration missions were still being undertaken especially in the rim territories of the Alpha Quadrant.

One of the achievements that had been made in the technological fields of study at this time was the introduction of the Replicators, which also helped the crews of spaceships taking part in the colonization efforts. This device partly solved the problems of coming up with long-lasting foodstuffs, and it also greatly changed the internal Gigerdian economy itself over the coming centuries.

The Gigerdian Federal government of that time still held colonial expansion and space exploration as important goals to be upheld, but at this time it also begun to boost its budget on defense and war material spending, which enabled larger fleets of ships being build to shield the various assets of the race. The Gigerdian government of the time had undergone a few smaller border skirmishes with the various raider-, and pirate groups and militias on their shipping lanes and trade routes, along with minor conflicts regarding border disputes with such races as the Vemrers and Dands. The government of the time viewed the universe hostile enough to increase defense spending and the creation of a bigger Gigerdian defense force, which in turn took away needed funds for the colonization effort. The biggest conflict against pirates was the Vodoss-Pirate wars. This new thinking did, however, prove correct in the long run when the Gigerdians met their first true galactic foe, The H'vos.

Fourth era of colonies

The unexpected and brutal war with the H'vos almost completely disrupted the colonization efforts in the Alpha Quadrant during the H'vos War. All resources of the Gigerdian state were required for the war effort, and thus the colonization of Alpha Quadrant almost came to a halt.

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