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A picture of a H'Vos

The H’vos as a species had several physical characteristics similar to a human mammal known as a “horse”. Both of these species were fairly large, hoofed creatures with long tails along with a long mane and a shorthaired fur. However there were two physical factors that made the H’vos much more capable in both physical and emotional capabilities over the “horse” that can be found in the human homeworld of Earth.


Insignia of the H'Vos

The H’vos normally walked on two legs whereas the human mammal always seems to trot around with its four legs. The H’vos has the capability to grow to the same physical height as the human horse does, but most of the H’vos that the Gigerdians encountered were of normal Gigerdian height and weight. The human “horse” that is often regarded as an animal on its homeworld that was and still is mainly used for riding and for drawing or carrying loads. The H’vos on the other hand were much more intelligent beings from the very start and managed to develop industrialization and beam weapons along with nuclear-powered spacecraft and primitive forms of faster than light travel.

Historians have been unable to calculate when or where the H’vos culture was established for the very first time besides that it reigned for a comparably short time in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. The name of the H’vos homeworld is also unknown as are its colonies and outposts. What is known, however, is that the H’vos were a very aggressive and intrinsically expansionist species that started a conquest of its nearby systems almost instantly after gaining the use of primitive warp travel.


The H’vos apparently contacted at least two other (currently unknown) species before the Gigerdians and exterminated them while stealing their technological advances and natural resources for their own use. These two species were undoubtedly more advanced than the H’vos to begin with, but their cultures were considerably more peaceful and were thus unprepared for an invasion of the scale that the H’vos unleashed on their cultures. It is still widely speculated how close these two species that the H’vos invaded and exterminated were situated to each other. Previously it was thought that they were both located a few systems away from each other but new archaeological evidence uncovered seems to indicate that both of these exterminated species seemed to be living in the same system when the H’vos invaded.

The invasion of these two species was extremely important to the H’vos economy since the H’vos home world did not, apparently, possess the needed natural minerals and raw material that the spacecraft-industry required for continued production of warships and material. What should be noted as well is that perhaps some of the members of the invaded species were kept as slaves in the various industrial factories, mines, shipyards and plants needed for the upkeep of the H’vos economy.

Cultural viewpoints

A H'Vos Medkit

The H’vos also needed the stolen technology to fill the obvious gaps in their weapons technology projects. Many of the H’vos beam weapons and ground warfare missile systems that the Gigerdian forces encountered during the war may have had their roots in the stolen technology since the H’vos could have never been able to manufacture such weapons at that time due to technological restrictions. The H’vos economy seemed to have only one priority and that was spacecraft and their weapon systems. Many other sectors of the economy were left with very little funds due to this. An example of this “fund concentration on just one sector” is the medical technology that the Gigerdian forces captured from the H’vos during the war; many of the medical equipment closely resembled 21st century human first-aid kits and medical products.

Very little is known about the H’vos culture either. As a species the H’vos seemed to be a rather primitive culture with emphasis on weapon and spacecraft production along with aggressive expansionist policies. It is still unknown if the H’vos were xenophobic or did they regard the species they annihilated and invaded as enemies to be destroyed or simply something that just stood in their way and had to be taken care of thus gaining access to natural resources and “living space”.

Gigerdian contact

The H’vos were able to construct a medium-sized starfleet with the resources and technology gained from their earlier conquests. After the former conquests had been sucked dry of any usable resources or material the H’vos left these worlds and started to plan for another invasion. This invasion took place almost exactly 70 years after the initial conquests of the two peaceful but more advanced civilizations. This time the target of the invasion was a small system located at the outskirts of the territory that the H’vos considered as their territory. A small portion of the invasion fleet was sent, along with big transport ships to claim the system as H’vos territory. This system known to the H’vos as “Hjumma” was a newly established outpost of the Gigerdians to the new rim colonies. The Gigerdian name for the system was Zeerdan IV. As the H’vos discovered the system to be actually populated by green humanoids with very little defences and only agricultural installations the invasion was initiated at once. Large warships landed on the small colony and H’vos infantry poured out from them while the other warships bombarded the outposts from orbit. The destruction was total; what little was left in terms of Gigerdian population were taken prisoners to the large transport ships and lifted away to the orbit.


A few days later the Gigerdians uncovered the attack to their colony. The government of that time had received reports of unknown craft patrolling around the borders of the Zeerdan IV colony and therefore decided to double patrols on the border zones. The Gigerdians were certain from the start that the attack and the almost total destruction of their colony was in no way a mistake but an intended result. The abduction of the colonists also puzzled the Gigerdian government.

A few days later a small patrol of Gigerdian craft made their first contact with the H’vos in the form of a transport ship with fighter-craft escorts. The Gigerdians destroyed the transport-ship. The H’vos were quite horrified at first to see organized resistance aimed against their fleets. They were also puzzled to learn of another space-faring race with almost similar capabilities in weapons as they themselves did. The H’vos, despite a rather negative first result, decided to continue their invasion of another world located near Zeerdan IV. The H’vos certainly caught the still developing colony and its defences by surprise but once Gigerdian capital ships arrived to support the defences the H’vos were forced to retreat. The H’vos War as it is known to the Gigerdians begun.

Subsequent events

After the failed attack the H’vos attacked five other colonies. The Gigerdian resistance was heavy but the H’vos used hit-and-run tactics to abduct more civilian colonists into their transports and then flew them away from the surface of the planet. The war was fought in space as well as on the ground. The Gigerdians also have historical documents pointing to an orbital station of some sort that the H’vos had managed to construct to a system that would have fallen to the H’vos side of the border. A team of Gigerdian Special Forces destroyed this station known as the H’vos Star. No other information concerning this specific mission is available however.

After several weeks of heavy fighting the H’vos became confident that the invasion – phase of their grand campaign was over. They could not destroy the Gigerdian defences despite causing heavy casualties to their enemy. What made the matters worse was that some Gigerdian fighter-craft had been able to follow the fleeing H’vos fleets back to their own systems. The Gigerdians had also uncovered information concerning the leadership of the H’vos campaign thus being aware that a Moff Hevos was in command of the operation. Very little is known about Moff Hevos besides that he was the sole leader of his people. He was also a scientist and had personally designed his flagship cruiser, known as the Horse Shoe due to its physical resemblance to human “footwear” meant for horses. It is speculated that Moff Hevos continued the tradition of warrior kings that led their troops in battle personally instead of appointing generals or admirals to do the decision-making in war for them. Also, the reason for the abduction of the Gigerdian colonists have been researched and studied. The consensus among the historical researchers has been that the H’vos simply wanted a bigger supply of labour to their industrial facilities and therefore one of the main objectives of the invasion of the Gigerdian colonies had been to acquire more manpower to the same sectors of the industry that were at the forefront of the H’vos economy.

The Gigerdian fleets came for the H’vos invaders soon after the H’vos had been pushed out of the five systems they had tried to conquer. A large battle between fleets commenced. At battle’s end the Horse Shoe was destroyed with Moff Hevos at its helm. All of the H’vos ships that took part in this battle were destroyed. The Gigerdian side called the war over since there were no further attacks against colonies or ships afterwards.

Current fate

It is unknown what happened to the H’vos home world. Perhaps a revolution begun with the intent of changing the government, or the H’vos annihilated itself due to one reason or another. Some wild speculations have been aimed at the Timocracy who could have even destroyed the relatively small civilization after the H’vos war. However all of these are speculations, therefore the true reasons will almost certainly remain shrouded in mystery.