Vodoss-Pirate wars

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The Vodoss Pirate Wars were a military conflict that the Gigerdi Federation took part in very early in its existence.

During the early era of colonization for the Gigerdians, even the Alpha Quadrant was a fairly lawless place in certain areas. Pirate and Raider groups operated fairly openly in certain areas, and had made a habit out of raiding and plundering of civilian and sometimes even military shipping lanes. The Vodoss clan, responsible for highly organized and effective raiding operations in the Alpha Quadrant had been at the top of hit-and-run operations against various smaller races in the area, but the police actions against these raiders had proved mostly ineffective due to the high evasion skills of the Vodoss Pirates.

Eventually Gigerdian vessels traveling in or through the area were attacked. At first it seemed that the attackers didn't know what were they were making attacks towards, but pretty quickly the Gigerdian authorities learned that the attackers belonged to a highly nefarious pirate militia originating from the Beta Quadrant Free Zone. The Gigerdians also found out, that a large number of Dands along with their vessels were involved with the operations of this Pirate clan.

The Gigerdi Federation decided to begin offensive and defensive operations against the mysterious Vodoss Pirates, and thus doubled patrols in the area, moved a carrier group into the most troubled area and finally decided to ambush the pirates themselves by luring them into a false sense of security regarding shipments. Eventually the Gigerdians managed to defend several convoys against the Vodoss, and even captured a few of the Pirates for interrogation. The Pirates were successfully interrogated, and some of them revealed that a secret staging area had been set up by the Vodoss in a small moon inside a system close to the Beta Quadrant Free Zone. The Gigerdian forces sent an entire carrier group to destroy the base, and in the chaos following the attack on the base, many vessels belonging to the Vodoss were either destroyed or captured by the Gigerdians.

The surprise attack and the unexpected cunning of the Gigerdian side had left the Vodoss without a solid base of operations in the Alpha Quadrant. It had also been established, that the Dand government had something to do with these raiding operations. The Gigerdian forces rallied several smaller races in the area to create joint patrols between their forces and the UCP in order to put an end to the raiding. In the aftermath of the conflict the Dands signed a non-aggression pact with the Gigerdians due to the situation.