Aikon Mk.III class heavy cruiser

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Space-Faring Capability: Yes
Atmospheric Flight Capability: Yes
Max. Crew: 275 crewmembers
Min. Crew: 0 crewmembers

Shields: Anti-Matter Shield (Mod AA)
Sub-Light Drive: 1 Muon Drive MKV
FTL Drive: 1 PlasmaBall Dimensional PropSys

Aikon Mark Three was the first ship type to employ the Anti-Matter Shield, an exotic shielding system based on zeromatter. While the vessel is quite small, it is still one of the deadliest ships in the IHSF.

The design was further refined in the Aikon Mk.IIIb class heavy cruiser.

In addition to the IHSF, Aikon Mk.III's serve in the fleets of the United Orcish Empire, the Riletian Republic as well as the Democratic Hemmoian Republic.

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