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Probably the most common of all space terrain, asteroids have three simple rules:

  • Don't run into them.
  • They are often surrounded by smaller particles. These are known as Dust Clouds.
  • They block line of sight. If a ship moves behind an asteroid, you will lose tracking and will not be able to fire at it. Asteroids block weapons fire unless your weapons systems are powerful enough to disintegrate them.

Most asteroids are distributed evenly across star system wide Asteroid Fields, but some have highly irregular orbits around their suns. From time to time, the gravity well of a planet that passes the orbit of an asteroid will change its course in a dramatic fashion, locking it in an orbit around the planet, thus turning the asteroid into a moon.

Asteroid Fields are dangerous places for starships and fighters. However, starship commanders may want to voluntarily hide in them for protection or for a surprise attack.

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