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The Berserk Station was an orbital space platform, alternating between high and low orbits of Aldaain. It was built and operated by Clan Berserk, a well known clan of warrior Orcs. Officially, the station served as a refueling depot and maintenance facility, but was also used as a front for a wide variety of Clan Berserk operations.

Design & construction

The station is believed to have been designed by Ommo the Berserk. The technology and materials for its construction were obtained illegally by Berserkki Pertti, a pirate who was in the habit of hijacking Ion Storm class starships and selling their parts on the black market to the highest bidder. It is likely the parts of the Berserk Station came from one of these lost Ion Storm class vessels.

Like most modern space stations, the Berserk Station featured independent low-grade propulsion which allowed it to maneuver between orbital paths. This was often used to avoid paying the correct amount of rental fees to the Aldaain Coast Guard, who issued 1801 individual orbit-parking tickets to the station during the course of its operation.


The de facto commander of the Berserk Station was Berserkki Aivo, the unofficial clan scientist, who was responsible for many of the station's day-to-day operations. Occasionally, command was arbitrarily assumed by other, more established warriors of the clan such as Berserkki Paavo and Berserkki Pömpö, however.

Another permanent crewmember on the station was Berserkki Strongarm, a seasoned spaceman who found the microgravity environment present on many parts of the station easier for his broken leg. He was responsible for many janitorial duties and routine maintenance, as he enjoyed the long spacewalks the work involved.

Berserkki Pertti is known to have used the station to hide from authorities on several occasions.