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A biodome, also known as a biosphere, is a sealed, usually hub-like large structure constructed on the surface of a planet with an unhabitable atmosphere. The biodomes serve as the main and often only artificial means of generating firstly a habitable enviroment inside a sealed hub and secondly to produce a contained area able to sustain large amounts of population and housing without the need to construct small cumbersome structures directly on the surface of the planet.

Colonies based on such structures are known as Biosphere Colonies or, alternatively, Biodome Colonies. These are usually not meant to be permanent, but simply initial settlements from which the true colonization of the world can begin after a terraforming process has changed the planetary conditions into a livable environment.

Famous biosphere colonies that later turned into thriving, fully terraformed and urbanized worlds include Aldaain and the three worlds of the Tooled Hemmo system, among countless others.

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