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G.A.S. Exploreison I: In The Beginning

This story will be mostly based on the Peace Station and Gigerdi Prime. It tells about the last days of the Peace Station and how the Exploreison project actually begun, it also tells a bit about the Emissary threat and about the Lightness War, also something about the formation of the resistance and Section 18. A bit of history of the crew of the Exploreison is also told.

Season I: Signs and Portents

Signs And Portents

Exploreison’s first episode. Tells pretty a lot about the Lightness war. Exploreison encounters a Gorg vessel, which reveals the location of the Gorg “homeworld”. They go to explore it and locate a lot of information about the Lightness, but not long after they leave, someone destroys the planet leaving nothing left.

Lost Future of Hope

Exploreison is taken into the future to see what kind of the future is unless they prevent the incident from happening that will change the future. Exploreison is mysteriously transported to future when they jump. They find themselves two years into the future where they first locate a Vemrer ships, which attacks them first, but later they are able to get some answers and start really exploring this future. Once they find out that one person assassinated the emperor and took over the government, they are, as mysteriously as they came, jumped back to their own time.

Keys to Knowledge

Tells mostly only about the time when Gigerdius worked at the space dock and the things that happened there. This can be called as a Gigerdius “dream” episode. Gigerdius mostly saws memories in his dreams and also tells about the things that happened in the space dock to Grillka. He also tells about one incident that happened a little before they begun building Exploreison. Something about his “greater future” is revealed.

The Truthfulness Of Your Path

In this episode, the Exploreison goes to its first real exploration mission to the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy. Minor things about the Lightness will be revealed in this episode. They go to a planet located in the rim of the Large Magellanic Cloud and find some traces of destroyed Gorg ships, outposts and a colony on the planet. Not much is left, but little so they can make the assumption that it was destroyed by the same forces that destroyed the Gorg “homeworld”.

Signs and Portents Pt.II (To Believe the Unbelievable)

More things about the Lightness war and Emissaries are revealed, but no one believes those. Continues The Truthfulness of Your Path, not much though. Exploreison goes to the Timocracy homeworld and notice some unknown ships leaving from there and goes after them with several other GA and Starfleet vessels. The chase leads them to a planet located in the Andromeda galaxy.

Portents of Expectations

First contacts with Lightness forces and more things revealed about the coming war. Continues the Signs and Portents II. They get first contact to Lightness forces at the planet they located and also find a bit of Timocracy’s remains and some info about them as well.

Immaculate Future Holds an Answer

Exploreison makes a SHOKing discovery!!! NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! Yes, it shows what kind of is the normal day onboard the G.A.S. Exploreison. Shows what kind of the day of every major character is and what kind of the day of all the types of crewmembers is.

Monochrome Mirror

Exploreison goes to the mirror universe (Of course Exploreison had to have this kind of episode as well). Exploreison finds a “portal” that seems to be a lot like a black hole, but isn’t. They are pulled inside and then find out that they are in different dimension. There they find out that the place is pretty much like a mirror of theirs. There is the United Conquerors that are, UCP, GA and IPA and the peaceful races that are against them are, Folans, Hemmoians, Vemrers and Bacterians. They then get in the middle of the battle and end up helping a small rebel GA group.

Answers for Something Not Wish To Be Known

Continues the through to mirror episode. Exploreison tries to get back to their galaxy. Exploreison helps one GA rebel group to get to the peaceful races protection. United Conquerors try to get the Exploreison to their side, but because they don’t do that, they try to destroy them, but Exploreison is able to get back to their dimension.

Peace Station: Harbinger

Exploreison goes to the Peace Station to find that it has changed. Some things about the Emissaries and Lervians revealed.

Seeing the Exalted Insignia

The Exploreison goes to the past and to the time of the H’Vos war. This will be many part episode. It reveals major things about the war. Den Kylek comes to inform the crew about their adventure they’re going to do. First they don’t believe, but when an Orlian comes to explain things they finally start to believe it. In the end of the episode this Orlian transports them back in time. (This time travel-thing can be altered into something different, the major point for these episodes is to tell about the H'Vos war)

Mind’s Way

The Exploreison is still in past and also this episode reveals the telepathic powers that Gigerdius possess. Just as they come to the past, they get their first problems. Gigerdius mind goes crazy and caused a lot of damage to the computer systems onboard Exploreison. Also H’Vos forces are closing on them.

Mendacious Actions Proven

This still continues the saga about the H’Vos war. First appearance of “Den Kylek (Kyle Katarn)”. The crew leaves the Exploreison hidden inside a gas giant and goes to the space of Gigerdi Federation in disguise to find Den Kylek. They are able to find him and recruit him to the war against the H’Vos. He goes to the H’Vos territory in his mission and also a lot of the stuff related to the war happens. (Story will probably change once the Gigerdian timeline is finished)

Coming Together For Greater Conflict

Last episode of the H’Vos war saga, in this episode the Exploreison gets a load of the Defender MkIIs. Den Kylek locates the location of a secret weapons lab in the rim territories of the galaxy. Kylek informs only the crew of the Exploreison about his findings and they go to there and find out a massive H’Vos force there. Kylek destroys the weapons lab and they are able to recover significant amount of Defender MKII fighters.

Coming Of Light

Even more things revealed about the Lightness war. Exploreison finds out possible attacks plans and several locations for possible attacks, but they are not able to recover much data because of the Lightness forces there.

Shattered Dreams

A ship from the “mirror universe” comes to search for the Exploreison. It used the same “portal” to get to the universe where Exploreison is. They came to seek their help, but unfortunately Exploreison couldn’t go to the mirror universe, but was able to assist the ship to get rid of her problem.

Inclinations for Truth

The Exploreison is assigned to investigate nebulae in the Milky Way galaxy near Gigerdi Prime. During their investigations, they find traces of an ancient battle in the nebulae.

Unity Brings the Celestial Answer

Exploreison encounters the “Creator Device”. They don’t really get to explore it much, first they go to find clues about its possible location and they are even able to find it, but not the whole it, part of it is in another time, in six years in the future they though find out that in the future they’ll encounter it and are able to discover a lot more about it than they were able to now.

Spending an Eternity in Life

Exploreison founds a mysterious colony that once was Gigerdi Federation’s outpost, but was destroyed during the H’Vos war, but apparently all wasn’t destroyed there.

Foundation of Logic

Exploreison gets a prototype AI, which is installed to the ship. At first it seems to work well, but then mysterious things start to happen onboard the ship and the leads lead to the AI. Soon the crew has to fight against the AI in order to destroy it before it destroys Exploreison. After that GA command notices that Fleet Admiral Erwin Lerev never gave the order to install this AI to Exploreison.

To Save The Future From The Past

Exploreison tries to warn the GA command of the Lightness, but they only laugh at them. The time has come to change the future that was in the episode “Into the Future”. Exploreison goes into the search of this Gigerdian who they discovered to be behind of all this. With the clues they found from the future they are able to find this person and destroy his plans, which will cost the live of the first Exploreison crewmember; captain Gigerdius.

Season II: Fight For Our Fate

Journey That Somewhat Distorted

Exploreison will be released from space dock and continues its exploration mission in Andromeda and founds something, also Mora becomes the captain of the Exploreison. Mora becomes the captain of the Exploreison and they go into their continuing mission, to a planet in the Andromeda galaxy. They found more dead Gorgs there. This time some of them are actually alive and trying to take over Exploreison to be able to start a new Gorg collective.

Light of the Invisible Darkness

Exploreison goes into search of a strange Orlian who gives them some info about the possible location of Gigerdius. They travel to several colonies in search of Gigerdius and this Orlian, but in every planet they only get leads to another planet. Finally they find this Orlian who gives them a puzzle, which they must solve and after that they find Gigerdius on one of the GA colony worlds.

Loyalty of Self-Preservation

A GA science vessel is declared as a renegade vessel and is ordered to be hunted down by the order of President Rubek. However, the science vessels that got this order join to this ‘renegade’ science ship. More and more science and exploration ship start to disobey orders until comes the time for the Exploreison to choose whether to support the renegade science vessels or to help in their destruction or capture.

Following the Path of Light

Exploreison and the rogue science vessels join and run from the GA attack force, later they are trapped and cannot run from the GA forces, but several unknown ships that destroy the GA attack force suddenly saves all of them. Later Rubek is kicked out and the science ships return to the command of the GA.

Choosing From Monochrome Choices

Lightness war starts to begin. Lightness starts their attacks as the plans, Exploreison had found, said. Exploreison is called back to defend one outpost in the Andromeda and in the mean time they investigate the Lightness actions and ships there.

Desperate Wish for Redemption

Exploreison is called back from Andromeda and is ordered to search the source of the Lightness. GA command orders Exploreison to search a possible source of the Lightness. They receive only few other ships to protect them in their mission. They start their mission by investigating the attack sources they had found from the attack plans. All outposts and bases in the Andromeda galaxy are lost.

Mind’s way II (Something to Understand)

Gigerdius’s mind causes some problems. This time it saves them from Lightness attacks, but does put them to trouble after that as the ship starts to get problems like before.

Origins at the End

A strange Orlian comes to the Exploreison and puts the crew into mystery. Several crewmembers get strange questions in their dreams. People start to dream onboard and the crew doesn’t know what to do. The Orlian asks simple questions from the crew, but puts the ship in a great danger while doing that.

The Light Of Space That Was There

Continues the story that “Origins at the End” started. The crew tries to find a way to get rid of this Orlian and solve the mystery he has given them. Finally together the crew solves the mystery and gets rid of this Orlian once and for all or did they?

The Emissary Of Past

Things about the Emissaries are located. Exploreison tries to locate the source of the Lightness, but find a planet that once was an Emissary colony. They don’t find much there, but still find significant amount of information about the Timocracy and the Emissaries and even a little about the Lervians.

Capitulation Not On the List

Lightness closes on the Exploreison and destroys more of its protecting ships. Lightness constantly attacks Exploreison and its protecting ships; several of them are even destroyed. The war is going badly as well and the crew is even starting to think that there’s no surrender and no retreat from the Lightness.

Messages from Unchangeable Times

Exploreison picks up strange messages that are either from the future or from the past. Exploreison and its protecting ships pick up strange messages that seem to be coming from different time. There’s something in those messages that will help them in the future, but first they need to understand what they mean.

Saviors of Life Lie In Ruins

Exploreison locates a planet in the Andromeda that has several marks that it was a H’Vos colony once. Deeper in the Andromeda galaxy, Exploreison locates a planet that seems to have H’Vos colony. They go to explore it and can’t believe their eyes when they confirm that it actually once was a H’Vos colony. They explore it the whole episode and in the end of it find a possible H’Vos device and take it back to Exploreison.

Items of Eccentricity

Alien artifact is found from the place of the H’Vos and it causes some problems. The artifact turns out to be something they’ve never seen before and really advanced. It then takes control of the armor on the Exploreison and it starts to spread. They are confused why this device only affects the armor, but are able to solve the problem as always.

No One to Turn For

Lightness and T-Race goes to hunt the Exploreison since it goes deeper to their territory. Exploreison may have located the possible source of Lightness, but are pinned down by both T-Race and the Lightness. Finally they have to hide in the nearby systems and avoid any Lightness and T-Race forces.

Fight For Our Fate

Exploreison founds a gate in the Andromeda galaxy and reports about it to GA military’s command and starts its journey back to home. Exploreison is finally able to run to the system, which maybe has the possible location of the Lightness gate. They found it and report it to GA and then start their journey home, with few Lightness guys on their ass.

Torment’s End

Lightness war ends and Exploreison is returns to the space dock at GP. The crew goes to visit their home, except Gigerdius. Exploreison is once again tried to be sabotaged, but the attempt fails as before. This is pretty much like Unexpected and Expected episodes except that this time they’re mostly at GP or Gigerdii.

Stratagem For Deliverance

The Exploreison project might end and the crew tries to prevent this from happening. GA isn’t satisfied about the performance of Exploreison and wants to stop the project. The crew now has to convince the admirals and generals in the GA military to let them continue their mission. Finally with the help of Gigerdius and few other guys, which include Den Kylek, they succeed in continuing the Exploreison.

From another reality to another

Exploreison is taken to different realities. Exploreison is taken to another reality while they were exploring a strange nebula. They always end up in the same nebula, but in different reality and each one is different, some a lot some only a little. They try to uncover what’s with that nebula since it’s the only thing that keeps them doing this.


Exploreison goes to Andromeda and founds something about the Emissaries there. Exploreison is exploring one planet when they found hidden facilities deep underground. It seems to be a research lab, but abandoned one. It seems someone wiped it out. They find some information about Timocracy’s homeworld and its mission. Later they have some trouble getting out of the facilities.

Season III: The Search

Season IV: Point of No Return

G.A.S. Exploreison II: Second Wave

G.A.S. Exploreison: The Quest

Season I: The Long Road

Season II: Freedom At Risk

Season III: In the Middle of the Road

Season IV: Atonement

Season V: Desperate Search

G.A.S. Exploreison III: Fall of a Rising Star

G.A.S. Exploreison IV: War At Its Darkest

G.A.S. Exploreison V: The Sun of Lightness

G.A.S. Exploreison VI: The Next Generation