Gigerdi Alliance Research and Exploration

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The Gigerdi Alliance Research&Exploration division is a separate part of the Gigerdi Alliance Military. The primary purpose of the R&D division is to seek and produce new usable technology for the alliance to use and at the same time handle exploration tasks set for the discovery of possible new races, territories and galaxies.

The creation of the separate division begun shortly after the creation of the Gigerdi Alliance. The reason why the creators of the R&D division wished to keep it separate from the official military was simply because they wished to underline the scientific mission of the division and not primarily keep it as a workshop for new weapon technologies for the proper military to test and research on.

The "Exploreison" project

One of the cornerstone projects of the division shortly after its' creation was the Exploreison project, which materialized into a high-tech state of the art vessel being built to use for the exploration of distant worlds and in this case, the Andromeda Galaxy in specific. The Gigerdi Alliance Research & Exploration had always kept a very active interest in the exploration of the Andromeda Galaxy, but felt that a large vessel built spefically for the mission had to be constructed.