Ivor Prime

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Ownership: GA
System: Ivor Prime system
Location: Alpha Quadrant


The Ivor Prime system is located in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the main colony world of the Gigerdi Alliance and before the alliance belonged to the Gigerdi Confederation.


Ivor Prime is the site of many significant military and governmental offices along with a vast amount of industry centered on information technology and expensive weapon system construction. It is also the location of the Ivor Prime Political Sciences Academy.


The popular drink known as Ivor Prime Ice Tea is a well known specialty known to have originated from this system. It is believed that this particular drink was first served in the restaurant known as the Blind Cello located in the capital city.


Formerly a world of the Gigerdi Federation, a major military base of the Gigerdi Federation Military was located on this world.