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Lithium is a soft, silver-white metallic element, the lightest of all metals, occurring combined in certain minerals. Lithium is produced by some stars and can even be found in cosmic rays. It has an atomic weight of 6.939.


As lithium has the highest specific heat of any solid element, it has found use in heat transfer applications; however, it is corrosive and requires special handling. Has been used as an alloying agent, is of interest in synthesis of organic compounds, has nuclear applications and is a leading contender as a battery anode material as it has a high electrochemical potential.


The antimatter version of lithium is very popular in industry and as fuel - since anti-lithium is a metal it is easy to run a current through it to give it electromagnetic properties for manipulation. A strong magnetic field can also be used; while lithium isn't paramagnetic the weak diamagnetism can keep it suspended in a sufficiently strong field.