Polytheistic Gigerdian Religion

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The old Polytheistic Gigerdian Religion is a long forgotten part of the Gigerdian culture. It flourished long before the creation of the Council of The Wise, and tragically almost died out a few years after the creation of the Gigerdi Federation.

Despite popular belief, the Gigerdian civilization used have quite a vibrant pantheon of gods for this religion, along with a large amount of followers. The religion itself centered around the idea, that all sorts of gods with different supernatural abilities lived unnoticed among the normal Gigerdian population, and their divine powers were worshipped in order to gain all sorts of favors i.e. large amounts of money or a better wife/husband.

Temples were constructed for the various Gigerdian gods around the cities and villages. Usually a pair of Gigerdian Priests or Priestesses were in command of the temples, and they were also thought to possess powers to contact the gods and relay requests to them. These contacts took place in a sweat lodge, where the priest or priestess sat for days or weeks trying to contact the specific god or gods. Usually the message from the gods was a dream or a vision, that the religious leader in the sweat lodge saw. The priests or priestesses recieved a reward for their role as an intermediary between the common folk and the spiritual world.

The spiritual sweat lodge was usually located at the top of the temple: the exterior of the lodge was decorated with all sorts of paintings and religious symbols.

The final downfall of this religion begun, when more and more Gigerdians started to become interested of space travel: many of the followers of this religion had speculated, that these gods had all come "from the sky", and since the promised temple for the gods wasn't found in the moons of Gigerdi Prime, many felt betrayed by the religion. As the space age for the Gigerdian race begun, many abandoned the religion, which in turn left the polytheistic religion as monument of the old ways. Still however, many of the temples survived, and a handful of followers were left to continue the legacy of this religion.

In the modern Gigerdian society, this religion still has a very small place. Many consider its' ways outdated, and some even say that it is all a hoax.