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Sometimes sensors malfunction or prove otherwise incapable of fulfilling all of a ship's data requirements. In these situations, ships can deploy probes - automated sensor platforms - to study an area or phenomena. Ships often employ probes to perform standard surveys of planets and sectors, approach hazardous objects or energy fields, or simply extend the ship's sensory capacity.

Probes fly and maneuver independently of the ship, using microfusion reactor engines. A ship can control a probe remotely. Ships deploy probes using torpedo launchers, so most probes resemble standard torpedoes in size and shape.

Probes in space combat

Probes can be used to gain tactical info about a region you are not located in. This is useful in instances where you don't want to jump into a region without scouting it first. They also provide a lot of tactical feedback about the region they are located in. A veteran commander always has a probe or fighter complement in every region around a conflict area, acting as an early-warning network.

Types of probes

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