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The Regional Space Authority (RSA) is the Hemmoian Federation's interplanetary colonial space administration organization, responsible for colonization, habiforming, exploration and material resource prospecting efforts as well as the supervision of all space-related HFed regulations.

Origin & History

The RSA has a long history of planetary exploration and colonization, dating back well into the United Orcs era. Originally founded as the Royal Space Administration under the UO, the RSA was responsible for establishing many of the very first UO colonies in the Delta Quadrant, and has continued in this tradition ever since. The expansionist New Colonization Era was largely motivated by the RSA.

Governmental oversight of the RSA was provided by the UO Commissioner of Colonies at this time.

After the First Bacterian War, the newly formed United Orcs Diplomatic Service operated under RSA authority, although it had a separate budget.

At the time of the disbanding of the UO and the founding of the Hemmoian Federation, the RSA organization was slightly altered and the title was changed, but its operation and authority changed little. At this time, the functions of the similar but now obsolete Independent Hypersentience Colonization Bureau were also merged into the larger RSA.

First Contacts

Due to the exploratory mission of the RSA, the organization has discovered several new alien species and has been involved in a number of First Contact situations.

The RSA Catalogue

The RSA maintains a list of current, prospective and potential colony worlds, as well as other objects of interest to the Hemmoian Federation. These are collected into a vast database known as the RSA Catalogue, containing information on millions of planets, moons, asteroids, stars, and other objects of relevance.

Each object in the catalogue is given a code name known as the RSA designation. This follows the syntax RSA-XXX-XXX-XXX where the segments are as follows:

  • First segment: Number of star system.
  • Second segment: Number of planetary object in the system (Letter if the object is a stellar body.)
  • Third segment: Number of satellite or other gravitationally bound object.

Thus a star system will be referred to as RSA-1000, the star in the system will be known as RSA-1000-A, the first planet RSA-1000-1, and the moon of this planet RSA-1000-1-1.

Some alternative labeling schemes exist for objects such as spatial anomalies, in which case the label RSA-ANOM-XXXX is used.

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