List of RSA designations

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A list of designations of galactic objects that appear in the RSA Catalogue.

The increasing numerical order roughly corresponds to the order of exploration and colonization of these locations, although not exactly.

Designation Common name
RSA-001 Orbeus 6 system
RSA-002 First Star system
RSA-003 Ministero system
RSA-004 Larnakk system
RSA-005 Tooled Hemmo system
RSA-006 Ytisrew system
RSA-007 Ytisrew II system
RSA-008 Nuron system
RSA-009 N'ret'lik system
RSA-010 Zelok system
RSA-011 Fort Xonn system
RSA-012 Ettel system
RSA-013 Ameet system
RSA-014 Ytinret III system
RSA-015 Joven system
RSA-016 Toreed system
RSA-017 Sidbyrah system
RSA-018 Peredel system
RSA-019 Teelip system
RSA-020 Orbeus 5 system
RSA-021 Hscdel system
RSA-022 Ycar system
RSA-023 CCKcol N system
RSA-024 Kepnekaise system
RSA-025 Dileek system
RSA-026 Alok system
RSA-027 Vonter-Jizek system
RSA-028 Orbeus 4 system
RSA-029 Krinov system
RSA-030 Orbeus 3 system
RSA-031 Evdokiya system
RSA-032 Ytinret system
RSA-033 Ytinret II system
RSA-034 Orbeus 2 system
RSA-035 Rilet system
RSA-036 Orbeus 1 system
RSA-037 Redenet system
RSA-038 Xaron system
RSA-039 CCIcam CDelf system
RSA-040 Raamkla system
RSA-041 New Orceron system
RSA-042 Istop system
RSA-043 Luscinia system
RSA-044 Elefeti system
RSA-045 Antigone system
RSA-046 Svecica system
RSA-047 Rend'Ukk Major system
RSA-048 Lokeed system
RSA-049 Dilek system
RSA-050 Denetel system
RSA-051 Ka'han system
RSA-052 RSA-052 system
RSA-053 Vorek system
RSA-054 Toored system
RSA-055 Omlek system
RSA-056 Jyrgh system
RSA-057 Mërr system
RSA-058 Terojuo system
RSA-059 Beta Ahgurr system
RSA-070 Dene system
RSA-077 Skagerrak system
RSA-078 Erfordia system
RSA-155 RSA-155 system
RSA-156 Sojiat system
RSA-241 Tileek system
RSA-272 Öksy system
RSA-273 Juice system
RSA-357 Tamul system
RSA-374 RSA-374 system
RSA-400 Iso-Heikkila system
RSA-417 Cipharg system
RSA-426 RSA-426 system
RSA-432 Acer system
RSA-509 Zoltan system
RSA-525 Isab system
RSA-540 CCQsmbol system
RSA-560 Dayglow system
RSA-561 Heksaneraks system
RSA-599 Re'mag system
RSA-633 Arreis system
RSA-661 Utt'nimkl system
RSA-691 Pappilan Mustin system
RSA-711 Oberkochen system
RSA-734 RSA-734 system
RSA-766 RSA-766 system
RSA-776 RSA-776 system
RSA-778 Nocsam system
RSA-787 RSA-787 system
RSA-791 RSA-791 system
RSA-808 Limbo system
RSA-819 Gueva system
RSA-839 Morgon system
RSA-878 RSA-878 system
RSA-880 Artcev system
RSA-887 Shemhamforash system
RSA-891 RSA-891 system
RSA-900 Excession system
RSA-912 Ta'mag system
RSA-920 Ksamak system
RSA-941 Plutonia system
RSA-957 RSA-957 system
RSA-988 Trenok system
RSA-1088 RSA-1088 system
RSA-2881 RSA-2881 system
RSA-3766 RSA-3766 system
RSA-87322 Reel system
RSA-91038 P-687 system