Skymarshal class heavy assault carrier

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Maximum Crew Complement: 100
Length: 400 m
Weight: 80,000 metric tons
Power plant: 1 x Heavy fusion reactor

  • 8 x Anti-Satellite missiles
  • 2 x Dual railgun launchers (Dorsal and ventral)
  • 60 x Orbital fragmentation mines
  • 25 x Fusion space-to-ground missiles
  • 8 x Medium laser point-defense turrets
  • 5 x Decoy drones

A starship class used by the UOAF and the UOCM for heavy troop and logistic transport, the Skymarshal class heavy assault carrier can also be used for orbital bombardment and limited fleet support missions. It has significant cargo capacity within a compact, well-armored hull.

Transportation capacity


The cargo hangars make up the forward section of the vessel. These hangars may be used for logistic transportation, troop transport, or as shuttle bays. Below the hangars is a cargo door that runs the entire length of the bottom of the spacecraft, allowing for rapid unloading of an entire armored regiment on the surface of a target world.

Environmental systems

Artificial gravity is maintained by synchronized gravity field generators positioned throughout the habitable sections of the ship. It can be adjusted to allow troops to acclimate to various terrestrial gravities. Inertial Dampening protects the crew and cargo from acceleration.


In addition to deployment by dropship, the Skymarshal class itself can initiate planetfall to deploy large numbers of troops. Vertical takeoff and landing is achieved with four anti-grav lifting pods equipped with six thrusters each.

FTL capacity is provided by a standard heavy duty Plasmasphere Drive.