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We've reached a new conclusion for this whole Gigerdi Empire - thing today. I don't think it is a very wise idea to call Mad Gigerdi's Gigerdi Federation with this name, since technically it wasn't an empire at all. It still had all the same administrative etc. branches of the old Gigerdi Federation, which makes calling it an empire a bit shaky (it was still a parlamentary democracy and all). And for some reason, it just sounds so bloody Darth Vaderish to me that we have to get rid of it.

Thus we've ruled, that all references to this Gigerdi Empire must be eliminated. Naturally there ain't many, and some minor modifications have to be made on the Gigerdian governmental history pages, but I'm all for it.

--Dalleer 12:29, 17 May 2007 (EEST)

alrighty then ...

what about all the references to the "Gigerdian emperors"? will this term also change, or are there just randomly emperors in charge of a federation? A major plot point was how Mad Gigerdi is related to Emperor Ogaitinsha, right? (Not that I don't welcome a cleanup, there are so many Gigerdi governments I can't keep track of them.)

- Shok 43 01:21, 19 May 2007 (EEST)


I don't really see a problem on seeing an emperor as the leader of a federal state. I'd guess that in the (older) Gigerdian governmental system, the emperor has pretty much all the powers of a normal federal state president, but the title of emperor is naturally awarded to the indirect and/or direct next of kin. Now, if you're wondering about some of those weird plot twists in which the Gigerdians had up to two emperors at the same time, that's just pure bullshit in this day and age.

Also, here's some real offtopic stuff:

I've been working for the municipal sanitation division as a summer job now for a few weeks. My job there ended yesterday. Anyways, yesterday me and this co-worker of mine were sent to this elementary school in Kauhava to assist a bunch of construction workers to clean the place up during a major renovation.

So this co-worker of mine had actually been at that school during the past past, and he told me about this "bomb shelter door" located in the cellar. He had never been there, but knew its location. Naturally we quit with the sweeping and went to check the place out.

What we found was a semi-large civil defence (väestönsuojelu) shelter for the municipal administration of Kauhava. The place was called "Kaupungin Johtokeskus", and I stumbled upon an article of it here [1]. They had these maps of unit movements and the amounts of people to be ordered into various duties in case of an emergency.

The place also had this real bloody old telephone exchange switchboard and further down the hall we could find a storage, kitchen + sleeping facilities and stuff. The place was stuck in the 60's and 70's in terms of gear, though we found some evidence of some sort of an preparedness exercise held in 1995. All sorts of documents were laying around the place - too bad I didn't have time to check them all out.

The storage area was a real treat: all sorts of Fallout-y gear was just lying around the area. Gasmasks, hardhats, geiger counters, first aid kits, flashlights and all sorts of maps in unopened cases from an assortment of years (1976 to 1984). Iodine pills were located in the small sleeping rooms - along with some sort of a military published leaflet labelled "Yleisohje kuntien tiedoitustoiminnan järjestelyistä poikkeusoloissa". The stuff on it was quite interesting - on a purely educational level, that is. Seems like we'd all be going to Lapland in case of a nuclear disaster, then.

But, to get back to the topic: we switched on a pair of Geiger counters - and quickly noticed that they had been last checked and inspected in 2003. I also took a pair of protective glasses with gas-proof lenses with me as a souvenir. Those glasses were inside their original packaging - from the 1960's.

During lunch break I went home, and took a cam with me. As we returned and a few hours later left, I had close to 50 shots of the place. I'll put em' in a file and publish them later on.

--Dalleer 11:19, 19 May 2007 (EEST)

holy shit ...

that is awesome, it sounds like you stumbled across the ending to Terminator 3. the only thing missing is cameras and a podium with a "Tasavallan presidentti" seal on it ... now you know where to go to raise your post-apocalyptic tribe of mole people once the bombs drop. looking forward to the pictures ...

As for the dual emperors, there are still some references to them on this site, although I can't immediately remember which articles. (GANN is one.) and yeah, I guess it can be some sort of a hereditary trait of their government like the Queen of England or something?

- Shok 43 00:56, 20 May 2007 (EEST)