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Type: Various Insectoid

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: Varies
Lifespan Duration: 200 - 270 years
Color: Varies
Breathing Mixture: Unknown

Origin/Homeworld: Texus system, the fourth planet.
Xenobiology Database Serial Number: Unknown
Name of Government(s): The Texian Hive

Biology & Society Overview

Texian Warrior.gif

The Texians are a race of various types of small and large insects, banded together by a strange Insect Hive Mind known as the Texian Queen. The Hierarchy of the Texians is similar to an "ant hill", consisting of Warriors that protect the queen and the empire, the workers that build things and the Queen that produces more Texians. The Texians are also separated into strange sorts of "clans" that protect the Queen and the empire, so their social structure is pretty much centered around on which clan you are affiliated with. The Texian Defense Forces have several hundreds of ships, but they are very old and in constant need of modifications or upgrades.

The Texian Systems are usually dry and full of deserts, the Texians usually build small cities on the ground, but the major cities are located underground meaning that most of their industry is located in there too. Most of the Texians are members of a clan, the clan usually works independently meaning that the central government does not know everything about the clans activities, so smuggling and bribery is common in some areas. The Texians breed the same way as insects, so several thousands are born every day, all born to serve the queen. The Texians usually live very long, about 200-270 years is the average age, the Queen is known to live for at least 4000 years, so the leaders in the Hive do not change very frequently.

The Texians maintain good relations with most of the races and are a member state of the Gigerdi Alliance. The Texian home planets are all situated near the sun, making their worlds usually very dry.

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