The Souper Cutters

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The Souper Cutters is a Gigerdian musical group combining electrical music along with industrial tools in their songs. The name of the group comes from some kind of an industrial tool, which the group claimed to have designed and constructed themselves. At no point in their career did the group cite, however, what this tool was used for or made any remarks about its appearance. The group has simply stated, that the Souper Cutter is the light of inspiration for their songs. The lead vocalist has also enigmatically stated, that "the Souper Cutter speaks to you through us". At one point during the group's history, it was even suspected, that some faceless record company could've put together a group of robots and dressed them as Gigerdians, thus producing the Souper Cutters.

The group rose to fame shortly before the H'vos War, and then sudddenly disappeared a decade later. The group has gained wide fandom around the galaxy, and even after it had stopped producing albums, its records still sell. The group was also very efficient in creating and recording new albums, which often included lyrics celebrating the industrial and automated societies around the galaxy. This further raised doubts about the origin of the group, especially when one of the band members revealed that he was in love with a kitchen blender. The galaxy may never know the truth behind this enigmatic group along with its enigmatic behavior, but one thing is for sure: their success can never be rivaled by any other group in the Gigerdian territories.


  • Green Machine
  • The Industrial Revolution of the Subliminally Weak Mind
  • Reactivation of the Quasar of Pathetically Generated Automatons
  • Sky full of stars... None of Them Green or Automated
  • The Odysseys of the Aerodynamic Heavy Cruiser
  • Vaederstad Super Carrier
  • Super Dry & Super 128