UOSF HemmoCruiser IIa

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Hc-iia render.png

Class: HemmoCruiser II class
Type: Deep space cruiser
Atmospheric Flight Capability: No
Max. Crew: 400
Min. Crew: 12

Shields: UOSF Standard Energy Shield
Sub-Light Drive: 6 Heavy Ion Thrusters
FTL Drive: 1 PlasmaBall Dimensional PropSys

A vessel of the United Orcs Starfleet, designed for interstellar travel. Its purpose was the same as that of its predecessor, the failed UOSF HemmoCruiser I - to reunite the colonies of the United Orcs after the Great Chaos had severed contact among them. It was the sister ship of the HemmoCruiser IIb, launched later.



Although on a peaceful mission, the second HemmoCruiser was not unarmed. In addition to the two high powered energy weapons, the HC-II carried a squadron of independent drones, each equipped with a powerful nuclear plant and a laser emitter.

The drones had rudimentary self-guidance systems, but no true artificial intelligence and had to be remotely controlled from the host starship.

In total, the starship's hangars housed 15 drone units.


The beginning of HC-IIa's quest for peace looked bright. The cruiser visited Ollapukkiti Prime, and the Ollapukkitians accepted the peace treaty.

Locations the HC-IIa visited included:

V'romo incident

When HC-IIa reached v'romo space, everything went wrong. The V'romos thought the HemmoCruiser was some kind of a "Doomsday Ship" sent to destroy their homeworld, so they sent their attack fleet to destroy it. The ship narrowly escaped from the attack fleet, but its communication systems, thrusters, primary power generator, shields and weapons were disabled.

HC-IIa wreckage in the Ytinret III system.

After the battle, the HemmoCruiser floated in the nothingness of space for over 0.5 years. During that time, the ship's security officer found out that one of the crew members was a spy. The spy then started sabotaging the ship, assassinating other crew members and planting bombs. In the end, nobody trusted anyone, and numerous fire fights were fought aboard the vessel. Then, the ship reached the vicinity of a class H planet in the Ytinret III system. The HC-IIa orbited the planet 48,2 times, and then entered its atmosphere, finally crashing into the planet's endless desert. Twenty years later the ship's wreck was found.