United Orcs Armed Forces

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The United Orcs Armed Forces is the planetary combat branch of the United Orcs Military, outlined in the United Orcs Exterior and Security Policy.


The UOAF consists of the following sub-branches:

After the United Orcs

When the United Orcs government disbanded during the Peace Station Era, the UOAF did not receive orders to cease operations, and the organization continued to exist in much the same way as it had before, briefly under the command of no state at all. When the United Orcish Empire was later established, it naturally assumed control of the UOAF. The Hemmoian Federation, meanwhile, relied on their own Clone Army and never suggested taking control of UOAF assets.

While the organization is now technically the "UOE Armed Forces", it is still referred to as the UOAF for simplicity. Similarly, all the sub-branches have retained their old names from the UO era.


List of UOAF vehicles.

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