X-Ray Laser Cannons

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Light crewed X-Ray Laser Cannon, common on early UOSF starships.

An old Orcish design, the X-Ray Laser Cannon uses a plasma lens that can bring high energy electrons into an extremely sharp focus inside the turret units and divert the resulting X-Ray beams into a high intensity X-Ray Laser beam. Due to their brutal and effective nature, heavily modified XRLs are still used aboard some Orcish vessels despite their old age.


Many x-ray lasers rely on a process known as self amplified spontaneous emission, which requires very long lasing chambers and results in unstable beams with very small diameters. Alternately a seed-beam from a shaped crystalline diffractive cavity generator can be ramped up by an x-ray laser amplifier to destructive levels, allowing powerful beams to be emitted which often are used without secondary focusing. The high powered death beam need never touch matter until it reaches its target, thus eliminating the difficult issues of dealing with extreme power levels impinging on delicate focusing optics.