Antimaniac Star Alliance

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Antimaniac Star Alliance insignia

GovReg Entry: ?

Status: Alive and kickin'


Population statistics

Ethnic Factions: Antimaniacs - 100%
All antimaniacs lived under the control of The Antimaniac Star Alliance.

Leader: Atsoc Tyyling

Territory claims

Control World: Obricalia, Antimaniac System

Territories: Antimaniac System

Treaties & diplomatic relations

PART OF: Hemmoian Federation
HOSTILE TOWARDS: Bacterian Empire


It is not known when the Antimaniac Star Alliance was formed, but historians have speculated the colonization of the Antimaniac system was the event that lead to its creation. During the course of the Alliance's existance, it was attacked by unknown extra-solar aggressors who they named the Space Invalids. When the Hemmoian Federation found the Antimaniac system during the Peace Station Era, thus connecting the isolated people with the rest of the Galaxy, it was found out that the Space Invalids had in fact been Bacterians, known for their ruthlessness and flippancy towards younger species.

After the Hemmoian First Contact, the Antimaniacs quickly joined the Hemmoian Federation, even though there were large factions opposing to this in the Antimaniac society. As a sign of good faith, a top-of-the-line Instrumentality class colony station and offensive platform was constructed in the orbit of Obricalia by the Federation. Apparently, however, the station was too advanced for the Antimaniacs, as they were unable to understand the functions of its basic systems. The station was soon abandoned.

When the Second Bacterian War broke out, the Antimaniacs were given the mission to spearhead the defensive forces of the Hemmoian Federation against the Bacterian invaders. Unfortunately this yet again proved to be a feat impossible for the primitive Antimaniacs, as their forces were quickly slaughtered by the Bacterians and, in a retalitory strike, the Bacterians destroyed all life in the Antimaniac system. The only Antimaniacs who survived this mass-slaughter were those who were traveling outside the borders of their Star Alliance - This number was estimated to be less than one hundred beings.

Needless to say, the Star Alliance was unable to continue its existence with its leaders and people gone, and the Galaxy soon forgot the entire species.