Bureau of Wholesomeness

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The Bureau of Wholesomeness is a HFed government bureau under the jurisdiction of the Digital Administration Department. Its purpose is to provide ratings and advisory regarding the contents of media broadcasts within the Hemmoian Federation, in particular the Collective Network.

The Bureau often receives "special override policies" from the Great Council's Information Division on potentially questionable political content. Because of this, some radical movements have harshly criticized the Bureau for politically motivated censorship and being "the Council's mouthpiece". The Bureau, on the other hand, has declared all such opinions Largely Unwholesome, warranting their instant removal from all data networks.

The Wholesomeness Scale

The Bureau of Wholesomeness uses a standardized rating scale to rate media content, ranging from the negative -12.00 to the positive 12.00 points.

  12.00:     Splendidly Wholesome
  06.00:     Recommendable Salubrosity
  00.00:     Salubrosity Neutral
-06.00:     Unhealthy Viewing
-10.00:     Largely Unwholesome
-12.00:     Entirely Unwholesome